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High Country News has a new website!
High Country News has a new website!
How and why we’ve changed it.
How much money is a healthy ecosystem worth?
Alaska’s Senate race and the fate of the West’s public lands
Alaska’s Senate race and the fate of the West’s public lands
Republicans look to Alaska in their bid to overtake the U.S. Senate.
Rants from the Hill: The Washoe Zephyr
A wind that is by no means a trifling matter.
Sexy wildflower photos remind us to take in life's details
Bear hair study in Banff proves animal highway crossings work
Rants from the Hill: Arid lands bibliopedestrianism
A modest defense of reading while walking.
Who's trashing the most popular park in Bozeman?
How the BLM's communication style can backfire
Managers and the media can create controversy over public land where there shouldn't be.
Glen Canyon Dam’s evaporating hydropower
As water levels in Lake Powell drop, what will happen to electricity generation?
Are You Strong? Remembering Randy Udall
Searchers found the body of the environmentalist, energy expert and outdoorsman in Wyoming on Wednesday.
The American West and the Energiewende: Part II
We can have a renewables revolution that's even more robust than Germany's.
Climate change: moving from science to policy
Hitching a ride with Montana climate scientist Steve Running
Behind the fire headlines
In-depth reporting from the HCN archives on firefighter safety, and forest and wildfire management
Yarnell Hill fire fatalities, in context
Some questions that should be asked as investigators, fire professionals, journalists and citizens untangle what happened in Arizona
A man needs a parade
The bizarre true story of a tar sands "protest" in Utah headlined by Neil Young and Daryl Hannah
Rants from the Hill: Time for a Tree House
An arboreal retreat for ... kids?
What's the matter with Colorado Springs?
What's the matter with Colorado Springs?
The Black Forest Fire highlights a political disconnect around the West
EPA drops study linking fracking to Pavillion pollution
The Obama administration appears to be backing off, yet again, in Wyoming
Massive California water transfer to continue
A judge upholds the Imperial Valley-San Diego water transfer, despite concerns about the Salton Sea
Plugging in
Getting back on the grid after 15 years
The summer of our discontent
How long will it be before tourists simply avoid the West during fire season?
Death in the desert
Thoughts on a lost hiker in Mesa Verde National Park.
The blue window
Of face paint, nunataks and Alaska's Harding Icefield
So long, San Onofre (in like 700 million years)
The closing of a Southern California nuclear plant signals the end of an era — and the start of another
What's eating the snowpack?
Researchers untangle the causes of unusual snowpack declines throughout the Rockies
Tribes battle austerity with energy development
As the West burns, Native American leaders convene to plan their energy future.
Cow stomp: using cattle to reclaim mine land
Can Colorado ranchers and the Forest Service work together to erase old mining scars?
Big Brother's big data is coming to Utah
What’s an NSA spy center doing in an unabashedly anti-federal state?
The United States of Energy
A cool new map shows the U.S.'s energy production and potential
Will Nevada force mining companies to pay their fair share?
A biennial legislative session ends with no new revenue for the Silver State — at least not yet.
Gray wolves to be removed from endangered species list
Enviros call the proposal premature; sportsmen's groups offer praise
Dry news from the water mines
We're sucking up groundwater faster than ever
Our favorite wildfire and weather apps
Keep abreast of the burning planet with these iPhone applications!
New Mexico on fire
From wildfire to starving wildlife, the effects of sustained drought are coming into sharper focus
Rants from the Hill: Most likely to secede
On the seductive virtues of declaring independence
Frogs and toads in trouble
A new study says amphibians are disappearing faster than we thought
Tiny foxes rescued from extinction
A restoration success story on the Channel Islands
A swim through housing data
Home prices are rebounding, even in the most troubled markets, but what does it mean?
Mining for dark matter in Lead, South Dakota
How the Sanborn Lab's search for the universe's secrets is reshaping a Black Hills mining town
Collaborative brings good news to Clearwater Country
Can a plan for the future of Idaho's Clearwater National Forest survive Washington D.C.?
Dying to come to the USA
New data shows fewer people are crossing the Mexican border illegally, but more are dying
Going off grid is easy!
But you'll probably never do it, and here's why.
Eat more insects
The UN says we need to rear more minibeasts
Weighing Pebble Mine
The EPA is one step closer to killing the project before it starts
BLM fracking rules just got more industry-friendly
Feds weaken a proposal that many enviros say wasn’t strong enough in the first place
The cattle-cheatgrass connection
A new study says grazing helps cheatgrass invade
Rooftop solar is killing your utility!
But don't write a eulogy yet
Save our gauges
Important USGS stream gauges imperiled by austerity
It's Endangered Species Day!
40 years on and the ESA continues to have growing pains
Wyoming's pile of coal
The story of the state's 10-billionth ton
The other Cannabis legalization story
Is victory finally within reach for hemp growers?
The danger of too much screentime, in and out of the woods
Stewardship demands boots on the ground, but will the next generation rise to the challenge?
A win for Monsanto on GMO crops
A "Roundup" of news about genetically-modified crops and their apparently unstoppable rise.
What's killing bees?
Apparently everything, according to a new federal study
Grizzlies back from the brink?
Now there’s a plan in case they are delisted
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