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High Country News has a new website!
High Country News has a new website!
How and why we’ve changed it.
How much money is a healthy ecosystem worth?
Alaska’s Senate race and the fate of the West’s public lands
Alaska’s Senate race and the fate of the West’s public lands
Republicans look to Alaska in their bid to overtake the U.S. Senate.
One winner in the recession -- quagga mussels
Too expensive to fight invasive shellfish?
Airing dirty laundry
Are those MY emissions?
Will pesticide applications require a Clean Water permit?
Recent decision could have huge impact in the West.
Revving the "engine"
The Department of the Interior hints at plans to buoy the economy
A collar for a big kitty
For the first time ever, a jaguar in the U.S. is wearing a tracking device.
West Nile virus and avian biodiversity
More diverse bird populations protect humans from infection.
Mule deer anti-decline?
Ungulates rebound (just a little) in Wyoming's Pinedale Anticline gas field
Happy birthday Wallace Stegner
The much-loved Western writer would have been 100 on Feb. 18.
Yucca Mountain Death Watch
Nuke industry to Obama: Got another idea?
Put up yer dukes
Business group digs in against western cap-and-trade.
Mo' Money...' solutions?
Coyotes, elk, and octuplets
The dilemmas of over-population.
A place at the table for Native Nations
Stimulus appropriations for Indian Country are a long time coming.
Lend me a hand
Should Westerners try to rescue species from climate change?
Move over Yucca Mountain...
There's a controversial new repository in town
TBD stands for...
...Texas Billionaire Developer.
Montana state senator proposes slaughterhouse
"Not every horse is Trigger," says Sen. Butcher.
Climate Bale Out
Washington prof. proposes simple carbon fix: toss crop waste in the sea.
Arizona hiker tracks climate change
A habitual hiker finds familiar plants blooming in new places.
The Cone of Uncertainty
We don't know jack about how climate change will affect the Colorado Basin.
Meth in the West
New study shows costs of abuse.
"Top-to-bottom" ethical review at Interior
Career employees and political appointees to be scrutinized.
An even more unlikely Shangri-la
Plans for a posh Utah resort will now be put to public vote.
Hard left turn
Interior Secretary Salazar nixes controversial Utah oil and gas leases
A dog day report card
Agencies and states flunk "Prairie Dog Management 101."
Bust! Bust!
Economic crisis slows Colorado's dueling booms
A different outdoor game
$50 million environmental fix for the border fence is just an opening play.
Legalize It
The only solution to the bloodbath at the border?
Water buffaloes in the mist
Time to move over, guys -- the Colorado watering hole is getting crowded.
Whither the weeds?
Climate change and the fate of the West's least favorite plants
Solar sense
You don't necessarily have to pave the desert to harness the sun
Farm Bill conservation programs
Why “drastic change” is needed.
Wolverine devours Chaco
Colorado footwear company sold to corporation.
Power struggle
Rural community protests new transmission lines.
They shoot elk, don't they?
A national park may finally get its elk overpopulation problem under control.
In case you're having a good day...
...this ought to put a damper on things.
Managing a busted climate
A federal report warns abrupt ecosystem changes will pose new challenges for resource agencies
Elephants and rubber dodos
One way to speculate about potential Republican presidential candidates.
California salmon slip under the wire
A plan to remove five dams on Battle Creek gets the go-ahead -- just in time.
Carbon storage gets a tryout
Field testing of CO2 sequestration underway in Washington state.
"Bacterial Economics"
Microbes studied as rainmakers.
BLM's Utah plans on shaky legal ground
Federal judge questions agency's analysis of air pollution from natural gas development
A midnight lease on the mesa
An appeal filed today challenges a hasty permit revision for Arizona's Black Mesa Complex.
59,000 trees can't be wrong
Big new forest study documents a regional die-off.
Gearing up for another energy rush?
Feds move to streamline renewable energy development on public land.
The Obama administration and the Klamath River basin
Will science be restored to its rightful place?
Sitting on a whole new species
Colorado botany enthusiast rolls over and discovers a wildflower...
Budget crisis stalls conservation
California freezes bond-funded grants -- many of them meant to fund environmental projects
Waking up to coal's other mess
A Tennessee disaster opens the public's eyes to a nationwide problem.
Western legislators stake out nuclear positions
Reid and Ensign advocate killing Yucca Mountain, Murray wants billions for Hanford cleanup.
A pack of problems for wolves
Disease and federal indecision and inaction make life hard for the West's wolves.
Renewable energy v. renewable energy
Solar-powered residents hesitant about proposed wind farm.
Unnatural selection indeed
In heavily-hunted populations, it's the small and weak who survive.
Shell game
Oil shale speculation on the western slope may rearrange Colorado water rights in unexpected ways.
Understanding agriculture...and farmers too!
From farm income to carbon sequestration.
Water activists want paradigm shift from Obama
New regulation czar Sunstein is a wild card.
The Big Melt continues
Here's yet another reason to dislike dirty fuels.
Obama should pick Kemmis to help run Interior or Ag
That would introduce flexibility to the West's federal land.
Drilling and the race card
An old civil rights group argues that attempts to regulate gas drilling in the West are really attacks on American minorities.
Plum over, for a forest development deal
Timber company drops its backdoor road agreement with the Forest Service.
Interior design at the Interior Department
Ken Salazar will get a plush exec washroom at Interior, and his Senate seat is filled.
Ex-HCN board member named Idaho lt. guv
Brad Little, who's also a Republican rancher, is a good pick.
Reflections on “Methow homecoming”
On wanderers, love of place and the future of the West’s less traveled places.
EPA botched perchlorate analysis, report says
The agency failed to assess how the rocket fuel component acts in concert with other chemicals.
Another public lands giveaway?
BLM opens southeastern Montana to more drilling. But the state has new tools to protect the area.
Another Colorado senate race
There are plenty of potential replacements for Ken Salazar in the U.S. Senate.
File under Unintended Consequences
An imported bug destroys an exotic weed -- that an endangered bird depends upon.
U.S.-Mexico border arrests sharply down in 2008
Lowest level since 1976, but why?
Dreaming of an oily (and gassy) Christmas
BLM official blasts the Bush drilling push.
What goes around comes around
A student protester puts one over on the BLM.
Real ecoterrorism
A little perspective from south of the border.
That dam economy again?
Feds shut down Yakima Black Rock Reservoir proposal over cost concerns.
A tale of two press releases
Two sides of the spin coin, from the BLM and enviros.
Oregon sees huge rise in food stamp recipients
One in seven receiving assistance.
Copper death spiral
An elegant illustration of a boom and bust.
Bailout comes to the West
Fed funds on their way to foreclosure-ridden cities. But will it only blow up the same old faulty bubble?
A new consensus on public forest management?
Even groups like Oregon Wild now embrace “thinning” and “collaboration.”
Sellin', drillin', bribin'
Real estate, construction, oil and gas top bribery index.
Black Sunday again!?!
The gas boom time warp.
Fewer regs and no oversight
Bush revamps H-2A farmworker program.
Staying connected
Burning wood indoors keeps you connected to the outdoors.
Enviros shun autoworkers
Thus, they squander a political opportunity.
Oh mining boom, we hardly knew ya...
The global metals bust deepens.
California water conflicts heat up
Calls for reform, lawsuits, illegal diversions and another drought year
On predators, ranchers and public land grazing
A solution to the “sheer hate” of predators might lie in a return to an Old West practice.
It's still a giveaway
BLM's change of heart on energy development in Utah is a drop in the bucket.
Sheep v. sheep, redux
A last-minute rule change would give the USDA control over bighorn sheep introductions.
Grabbed my shovel and I went to the mine
America's coal miners: predominately young, female, and/or shirtless.
Dirt poor, dirt rich
Dirt poor, dirt rich
My grandmother and the Depression, past and present
Obama and public lands
Speculation about how the next president will manage the federal estate.
Look on the bright side
A recent drop in energy consumption could be good news for renewable energy advocates.
Where geography still matters
When choosing an Interior Secretary, Presidents must still consider geography.
Howling Wolf on the West coast
Wolves are moving in. Will they be accepted?
Bush's last days
Already he's launched 53 last-minute wrong-headed rules.
Southern Utes discover a new kind of crude
Reservation will host an algae farm designed to produce biofuels.
Recession in the gasfield?
Drilling may be on decline, but lingerie sales look good.
Mambo like only bureaucracy can
The strange dance of the regional and national offices of the EPA.
Mrs. T. Boone Pickens to the (horse) rescue
Billionaire's wife offers to adopt 30,000 wild horses.
Already one Westerner gets job in Obama admin
Montana poli sci grad Jim Messina will be a White House staffer.
Administration publishes final oil shale regs
Oil shale leasing will be allowed on nearly 2 million acres, at least until Obama overturns the new rules.
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