Guerilla blogging the RNC


If you ask me, HCN did a damn fine job covering the unreported, uniquely Western stories coming out of the Democratic convention in Denver. So what could we do for an encore? Well, one of your fearless correspondents jumped on a Greyhound bus to get the inside scoop on the other convention -- the convention of the party that, at least for now, controls the lion's share of the intermountain West.

What do Republicans think about the characteristically Western issues -- water, oil and gas development, the managment of public lands -- that HCN follows? Are they monolithic in their support of the Bush administration's environmental policies, or are some of them, as Ray Ring has suggested, begining to realize the importance of environmental issues to the moderates and independents whose votes they need in order to keep winning the West?

I'm going to spend the week trying to get some answers for you. Stay tuned.

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