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Know the West

Getting enough outside time?


Sarah Palin loves the environment, at least according to the bio video they just played on the big screen here at the Xcel Center. But she doesn't seem to be spending too much time outside in it, despite living amidst what's arguably some of the most beautiful scenery in existence. The video features the requisite panoramas of spectacular Alaska landscapes, and plenty of images in which Palin and her family are standing in front of those landscapes. But every single one of them has had the background photoshopped in. (Transparently photoshopped -- the videographers aren't trying to fool us on this one -- but photoshopped nonetheless.) Maybe I'm making too much of this, but if she's really the rugged (though lipstick-wearing) outdoorswoman she claims to be, shouldn't she have a few pictures of her and her family outside?

"As a teenager, Sarah would rise at 3 am to join her dad on pre-dawn moose hunts," the announcer tells us. Apparently she isn't doing that sort of thing any more. Or if she is, she isn't taking a camera.