Watch falcons nesting high in downtown Boise


This is a cool window into the wild -- make that, the downtown wild.

Two peregrine falcons are trying to hatch four eggs on the 14th story of a bank building in downtown Boise.

The Peregrine Fund and Fiberpipe have set up a webcam so we can all watch the falcons. The camera provides a live feed (what's happening in the nest right now) and archived footage (greatest hits since this nesting began).

More details are in the Peregrine Fund's text journal of events in the nest.

Interesting still photos are in a gallery at the Idaho Statesman -- including a shot of one falcon swooping in for a landing.

It's more evidence of the resiliency of some wildlife and the success of some conservation efforts -- thanks to an installment of eco-technology.

OK, as the video shows, many moments around the nest are kind of boring.

But I've saved the links to the webcam feed and plan to tune in now and then -- as the suspense of incubation builds and (let's hope) culminates in a hatching.

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