Obama enviros now total 34


The Obama administration has now enlisted at least 34 people who have direct ties to environmental groups or clear leanings in that direction.

That's my running count of the enviros nominated or appointed to top jobs in federal agencies and the White House.

The latest is Harris Sherman, executive director of the Colorado Department of Natural Resources. Today, the Obamaites nominated Sherman to be Under Secretary of Agriculture for Natural Resources and the Environment. If the Senate approves the nomination, Sherman would oversee the U.S. Forest Service and all those issues.

Sherman, 66, has held a lot of environmental positions in Colorado government, ranging from water quality to wildlife to mine reclamation. According to his bio, he's also "active in land conservation efforts with the Nature Conservancy, Colorado Open Lands, and the Trust for Public Land."

In case you missed it in the opening sentence, here's the link to my full list of Obama enviros, which keeps growing and growing. It includes an additional three enviros who are very close to the administration but not officially in it (so the total is really 37 enviros wielding influence like this). They come from groups such as Environmental Defense Fund and American Rivers -- not the movement's left wing -- and they're in positions over public lands, wildlife, energy and climate policy. Please add to the list if you see I've missed some.


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