Welcome to the Grange!


I can still remember attending Grange suppers when I was a kid. Back then -- that would be three decades or more ago -- Grange halls were pretty ubiquitous in the rural West, especially farming country. They were usually simple buildings, almost stark; places where far-flung farmers could get together for dinners and to catch up with one another and discuss issues that were important to the general community. 

We probably won't be serving any real food here at HCN's new blog, The Grange. But we will have plenty of tasty morsels for your perusal. This will be the virtual gathering place for members of the High Country News community of Western thinkers, writers, activists and others; a place where they can share their thoughts and views of the West and its issues, and where you can join the conversation. The Goat blog will be a place for HCN editors, staff and contributing editors to share their thoughts and to keep you updated on breaking news.

Some of the voices will be familiar. Felice Pace and Michael Wolcott -- currently writing provocative and touching pieces on the Goat blog -- will gather here on a regular basis. We also have Bryce Andrews and the Clark Fork Coalition lined up for this spot, along with guest bloggers from NewWest.net. And more are on their way.

If you're interested in becoming a guest contributor on the Grange, e-mail HCN's editor Jonathan Thompson, jonathan at hcn.org, for more details.

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