caroline monkey bars
caroline on shoulders
Image JPEG imageP1040294.jpg
Beauregard finds a bad spot in the road.
Image JPEG imageP1040440.jpg
Hannah and Caroline cartwheeling on “the firebreak.”
Walking into Horseshoe Canyon
Image JPEG imageP1050990.jpg
Horseshoe Canyon pictographs. Courtesy of Heather Hansen.
Image JPEG imageP1050992.jpg
Holy Ghost Panel
Image JPEG imagePRSpring218copy2.jpg
PR Springs
Image JPEG imagePagesfrompipeline_map_SNWA.jpg
SNWA Pipeline map
Image PNG imagePicture2.png
Image JPEG imagePl0e5tQSNEejo6GVIag9RB4suSsqklfrOH815kU8r2Xzf3P1Y0474l0fRvKVyxeSOFqIeN8U6ZnOxD3mKeH4BWpfAthpHXl0O42HETuVhaBtR0A.jpg
Governor-elect steve bullock
Image JPEG imagePrayersitededicationconor_ross.jpg
Prayer site dedication
Image JPEG imageRainbow.jpg
Image JPEG imageRandyUdall.jpg
Environmentalist and outdoorsmen Randy Udall. Photo by Weston Boyles.
Image JPEG imageRanger_NPS.jpg
NPS Ranger
Image JPEG imageRioGrandeGorgelowrez.jpg
rio grande gorge in new mexico by conservation lands foundation
Image JPEG imageRockyMountainCarbonCaptureandSequestration.jpg
Rocky Mountain carbon capture
Image JPEG imageRockyMountainFront_FWS.jpg
Rocky Mountain Front. Courtesy of USFWS.
Image PNG imageRosemontMineSite_SonoranInstitute.png
Rosemont Mine map
Image JPEG imageSUWARS2477map.jpg
Image JPEG imageSandCreekMassacre02.jpg
Arapaho Spiritual Healing Ceremony at Sand Creek National Historic Site. Courtesy of the NPS (Tom Meier).
Image JPEG imageSandLakeNWR_USFWS_TomKoerner.jpg
Sand Lake NWR
Image JPEG imageSandMountainBlueb.jpg
Sand Mountain Blue Butterfly
Image JPEG imageSantaRita.jpg
Santa Rita mountains
Image GIF imageSantaRitaMtns_PimaCountycourtesy.gif
Santa Rita mountains
Image JPEG imageScorpion11.jpg
Scorpion in Nevada at night. Photograph by the author.
Scorpion in Nevada at night. Photograph by the author.
Author's photograph of mating scorpions in a cheliceral kiss.
Image PNG imageScreenshot20140212at9.56.45AM.png
An Arizona vanity plate. Photograph by Flickr user Michael Buist.
Image PNG imageScreenshot20140212at9.59.14AM.png
A Colorado vanity plate. Photograph by Flickr user Shawn Honnick.
Image PNG imageScreenshot20140527at12.16.22PM.png
Image PNG imageScreenshot20140527at12.17.15PM.png
Image PNG imageScreenshot20140527at12.18.40PM.png
Image JPEG imageSerket_Edfu_Temple.jpg
A depiction of Serket from the Ptolemaic era in Egypt, which lasted from 237 to 57 BC. Image courtesy creative commons.
Image JPEG imageSignofthetimes_AZstateparks.jpg
A sign from Arizona state parks
Image JPEG imageSmithsonianInstitution.jpg
Smithsonian Institution
Image JPEG imageSnail_darter_FWS_1.jpg
snail darter
Image JPEG imageSpringValley_SNWA.jpg
Spring Valley
Image JPEG imageStateofArizona.jpg
Map of Upper and Lower Basin states. Courtesy of the State of Arizona.
Image JPEG imageStenoshark.jpg
A 1667 image of the shark head examined by Italian geologist, Nicholas Steno.
Image JPEG imageTeriHicephotodiversiondampostfloodresized.jpg
Deadman's Diversion Dam aerial 1
Image JPEG imageTheDelta_NASA.jpg
The Delta. Courtesy of NASA.
Image JPEG imageTheMuppets2011Reno.jpg
Image GIF imageThefistDuckStamp1934_USFWS.gif
Duck Stamp
Image JPEG imageTreeHuggerBumper.jpg
Tree Hugger Bumper Stickers
Image JPEG imageUSDA.jpg
Natural gas drilling rig. Courtesy of the USDA.
Image JPEG imageUSDA_SouthwesternWillowFlycatcher.jpg
Southwestern willow flycatcher
File PDF documentUtahGreenRivermap.pdf
Image PNG imageUtahGreenRivermap2.png
Image PNG imageUtahGreenRivermap3.png
Image PNG imageUtahGreenRivermap4.png
Image PNG imageUtahGreenRivermap5.png
Image PNG imageUtahGreenRivermap6.png
Image JPEG imageVolunteersinSaguaro_NPS.jpg
Volunteers in Saguaro National Park. Courtesy of the NPS.
Image JPEG imageWetlandsofthe66RanchinMT_MontanaWetlandsLegacyProject.jpg
Wetlands of 66 Ranch in Montana
Image JPEG
President Obama at the Grand Canyon. Courtesy of the White House.
Image JPEG imageYosemitelookout_NPS.jpg
Yosemite lookout. Courtesy of the National Park Service.
Image JPEG imageansaldoboot.jpg
Ansaldo's army boots
Image JPEG imagebees.jpg
Image JPEG imagebuffalo.sheltonweb.jpg
Yosemite Park Ranger, Shelton Johnson, portraying a Buffalo Soldier during an historical interpretation. Courtesy of the NPS.
Image JPEG imageburningmoney1.jpg
illustration burning money
Image JPEG
montana coal
Image JPEG imagecarolinetree.jpg
Caroline tree
Image JPEG imagechicken.jpg
Chicken image courtesy Flickr user Stewart Black
Image JPEG imagecollaredelknReturnstoHerd2.jpg
Elk with GPS collar. Courtesy of Lori Iverson, USFWS.
Image JPEG imagecompostingtoilet.jpg
composting toilet
Image JPEG imagecopy_of_IMG_0086.jpg
One of the author's beers of choice, 'Icky' Ipa from Great Basin Brewing.
Image JPEG imagecopy_of_P1040294.jpg
Beauregard finds a bad spot in the Road.
Image PNG imagecopy_of_Picture2.png
Image JPEG imagecopy_of_TheMuppets2011Reno.jpg
File PDF documentcopy_of_UtahGreenRivermap.pdf
Image PNG imagecopy_of_UtahGreenRivermap4.png
Image JPEG imagecopy_of_bees.jpg
Image JPEG imagecopy_of_gucci.jpg
High end Gucci shop
Image JPEG imagecopy_of_scorp.jpg
A hairy scorpion at Twentynine Palms in California. Photo by Robb Hannawacker, creative commons.
Image JPEG imagecopy_of_vlcsnapmuppetsmoopets.jpg
snapshot of Ben Long's nieces and nephews atop Dirty Face Mtn.
Image JPEG imagedustdevil.jpg
A dust devil kicks up in the wind along Highway 50 in Nevada.
Image JPEG imageelk.jpg
Trophy elk
Image JPEG imageelveschasm.jpg
Elves Chasm
Image JPEG imagefire_science_sm.jpg
Beetle kill in Northern Williams Range, Colo.
Image JPEG imagefrog1024x768.jpg
Frog balloon
Image JPEG imagegillnet.jpg
Image JPEG imagegillnethistoric.jpg
gill net historic
Image JPEG imagegirlsballoons1024x768.jpg
girls with balloons
Image JPEG imagegirlspointingtree.jpg
Girls pointing at shoe tree
Image JPEG imagegnome.jpg
quality garden gnome
Image JPEG imagegoga_mission_blue_butterfly_335w.jpg
Mission Blue butterfly. Courtesy of the FWS.
Image JPEG imagegrandCanyon_USGS.jpg
Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. Courtesy of the USGS.
Image JPEG imagegrandcanyonrafting.jpeg
Grand Canyon rafting
Image JPEG imagegucci.jpg
High end Gucci shop
Image JPEG imagehandsanitizercloud.jpg
Hand sanitizer cloud
Image JPEG imagehightops.jpg
Image JPEG imageholdingpond.jpg
Holding pond
Image JPEG imagehorses.jpg
Wild horses in Nevada. Photograph by Flickr user ScottSchrantz.
Image JPEG imagehorses_NPS.jpg
Horses in a national park
Image JPEG imageil_fullxfull.307049951.jpg
The National Parks Portfolio. Courtesy of the NPS.
Image JPEG imagejurysummons.jpg
Jury Summons