Image JPEG image156771506_da71b9c8e3_o.jpg
grand canyon
Image JPEG image1910BlowDown.jpg
1910 fire blowdown
Image JPEG image1910foundrywallace.jpg
1910 fire foundry
Image JPEG image20071129154817.jpg
Bryce Canyon National Park. Courtesy of the National Park Service.
Image JPEG image2012100714.14.10800x600.jpg
Desert lake
Image JPEG image2012100714.17.01800x600.jpg
Branch home lake with kids
Image JPEG image23EmmaSwimmingStantoncopy3.jpg
A dog swims in mountain lake. (c) Karen Nichols.
Image JPEG image2972491242_d4118a9369_b.jpg
rough and ready, ca
Image JPEG image5044281763_bae2fc4023_z.jpg
house fire
Image JPEG image5084a0f48a08e.preview620.jpg
Campaign photo of Rep. Steve Daines, R-Mont.
Image JPEG image68SophiaK.Cleek.jpg
Oahu tree snails by Endangered Species Day 2013 Youth Art Contest Semi-finalist, Sophia Cleek.
Image JPEG image8530731959_27c54fe976_z.jpg
Rep. Steve Daines speaks at a House republican leadership press conference.
Image JPEG imageArchesNP.jpg
Arches NP
Image JPEG imageBF_oil_bynum1819.jpg
Rigs on the Blackfeet nation
Image JPEG imageBF_oil_bynum1819600.jpg
Rigs on the Blackfeet nation, by Tony Bynum
Image JPEG imageBF_oil_bynum1819610.jpg
Rigs on the Blackfeet nation, by Tony Bynum
Image JPEG imageBF_oil_bynum1964610.jpg
Oil rig aerial by Tony Bynum
Image JPEG imageBeauEars.jpg
Beau ears
Image JPEG imageBeauFull.jpg
English setter puppy
Image JPEG imageBeauRattler.jpg
Beau rattler
Image JPEG imageBeauSkin.jpg
Beau Skin
Image JPEG imageBikesinSaguaroNP_NPSjpg.jpg
Biking in Saguaro NP
Bikers in Arches NP
Image JPEG imageBill_Geer_TRCP.jpg
Image JPEG imageBlackfeetWomenAgainstFracking.jpg
Blackfeet Women Against Fracking
Image JPEG imageBrownsCanyon.jpg
Browns Canyon Colorado
Image JPEG imageBuffalo.1899YosemiteResearchLibrary.jpg
Buffalo Soldiers in Yosemite, 1899. Courtesy of the Yosemite Research Library.
Image JPEG imageCOPlateau_BLM.jpg
Colorado Plateau map. Courtesy of the BLM.
Image JPEG imageCORiver_USGS.jpg
CO river ag
Image JPEG imageCanyonlandsNP_HH.jpg
Canyonlands National Park. Courtesy of Heather Hansen.
Image JPEG imageCapeCod2.jpg
Cape Cod march
Image JPEG imageCarolineChick.jpg
The author's younger daughter with a cute chick.
Image PNG imageClimateAdaptationStrategyreport_USFWS.png
Climate Adaptation Strategy report. Courtesy of the USFWS.
Image JPEG imageColstripplant.jpg
Colstrip, Montana power plant
Image JPEG imageConundrum06.jpeg
Conundrum hot springs
Image JPEG imageCoyotePups.jpg
Trio of coyote pups denning near the Ranting Hill.
Image PNG imageDB1.png
Doug Seus and his most famous movie bear, Bart.
Image JPEG imageDOWcolorlogo_200px.jpg
Grizzly bear forepaw print on the Flathead National Forest, Dec. 2012. (c) Ben Long
Image JPEG imageDecemberbeartracklowrez.jpg
December bear track
Image JPEG imageDune1.jpg
Kids on Sand Mountain
Image JPEG imageDune2.jpg
Caroline on dune
Image JPEG imageDune3.jpg
Mike on dune
Image JPEG imageDune4.jpg
Sand dune sunset
Image JPEG imageEngineersatDeadmansDiversionDam112041resized.jpg
Deadman's Diversion Dam aerial
Image JPEG imageEvaSmith_AmericanLatinoBlogger.jpg
Eva Smith, American Latino Blogger Tour. Courtesy of the NPS.
Image JPEG imageFeebooths.jpg
National Park fee booths. Courtesy of the NPS.
Image JPEG imageFire_clip_image006.jpg
Prescribed burn forest
Image JPEG imageGCNM_map_SUWA.jpg
Map of proposed Greater Canyonlands National Monument. Courtesy of the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance.
Image JPEG imageGalapagos.jpg
Hanson and Mom in Galapagos
Image JPEG imageGlen_Canyon_Dam_1966_StateofUtah.jpg
Glen Canyon Dam, 1966. Courtesy of the State of Utah.
Image PNG imageGoogleEarthPiedmont.png
Satellite image of the Ranting Hill, with tiny lawn, surrounded by juniper-dotted sagebrush ocean.
Image JPEG imageGoshute_Color_11Nov2011.jpg
Goshute pipeline map
Image JPEG imageGrizzlybearcubs_NPS.jpg
Grizzly bear cubs. Courtesy of the NPS.
Image JPEG imageGrizzlytracks_NPS.jpg
Grizzly bear tracks. Courtesy of NPS.
Image JPEG imageHighParkFire.jpg
High Park Fire
Image JPEG imageHighParkFire0609.jpg
High Park Fire Smoke Plume
Image JPEG imageHighParkFire060912.jpg
High Park Fire Smoke Plume 620 px
Image JPEG
Image JPEG imageIMG_0086.jpg
One of the author's beers of choice, "Icky" Ipa from Great Basin brewers.
Image JPEG imageIMG_0091.jpg
The author looking into the eyes of the sea monster that he and his daughters created.
Image JPEG imageIMG_0100.jpg
The author and his daughters with their sea monster art.
Image JPEG imageIMG_0106.jpg
The head of the sea monster art created by the author and his daughters.
Image JPEG imageIMG_0119.jpg
The author and his daughters with their sea monster art.
Image JPEG imageIMG_0141.jpg
The author's new vanity plate. Courtesy Michael Branch.
Image JPEG imageIMG_0337.jpg
The Road Captain's uniform.
Image JPEG imageIMG_0343.jpg
The new Road Captain at work.
Image JPEG imageInstagram1.jpg
Instagram 1
Image JPEG imageInstagram2.jpg
Instagram 2
Image JPEG imageInstagram3.jpg
Instagram 3
Image JPEG imageJaguar_FWS.jpg
Image JPEG imageJoelLedfordCalifAcademyOfTheSciences.jpg
Trogloraptor spider
Image JPEG imageK2AnnC.Sonu.jpg
Spotted owl, by Endangered Species Day 2013 Youth Art Contest Semi-finalist, Ann C. Sonu.
Image PNG imageKXLmap.png
The revised, proposed route of the KXL pipeline. Courtesy of the U.S. Dept. of State.
Image JPEG imageKootenaiElectricCooperative.jpg
Kootenai Electric
Image JPEG imageL1000503300w.jpg
Branch tree house
Image JPEG imageL1000504300w.jpg
branch treehouse 2
Sign for Misfits Flat. Photo by Michael Branch.
Michael Branch's photo of the same location.
Michael Branch's friend Cheryll re-enacting the shot.
Michael Branch's photo of the same location.
Image JPEG imageLabyrinthCanyon_BLM.jpeg
Labyrinth Canyon. Courtesy of the BLM.
Image JPEG imageLawnchairLarryweb.jpg
Lawnchair Larry
Image JPEG imageLeadshotinayoungbaldeaglesbelly_AmericanVeterinaryMedicalAssociation.jpg
Lead shot in bald eagle
Image JPEG imageLowerYosemiteFall_NPS.jpg
Lower Yosemite Falls. Courtesy of the National Park Service.
Image JPEG imageLynx_FWS.jpg
Lynx FWS
Image JPEG imageMark_Twain_1909.jpg
Mark Twain called the Washoe Zephyr wind in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada eastern slopes “by no means a trifling matter.”
Image JPEG imageMercedR_NPS.jpg
Merced River and Half Dome. Courtesy of the National Park Service.
Image JPEG imageMexicanWolfAZS.jpg
Wildlife advocates say that the Fish and Wildlife Service’s proposed changes to wolf management would not allow for sufficient recovery of the Mexican gray wolf, one of which is pictured here.
Image JPEG imageMexicanspottedowls.jpg
Mexican spotted owls
Image JPEG imageMichaelBranchwalkingsized.jpg
Michael Branch walking and reading near his home in western Nevada.
Image JPEG imageMisfits_Gable_Wallach_Horses.jpg
Scene from The Misfits.
Image JPEG imageMurrayBolestaSantaRitaMTNs.jpg
Watermarked photo of the Santa Rita Range, near Tucson.
Image JPEG imageNevadadesert.jpg
Nevada desert
Image JPEG imageObamaBumperSticker.jpg
Obama bumper sticker
Caroline in juniper tree
caroline fists up