Image JPEG image NevadaBlack-White.jpg
Selected Reader Photo from Flickr Pool
Image JPEG image pronghorn.jpg
HCN reader photo of pronghorn's
Image JPEG image 3879008135_1789330ef7.jpg
bandrews photo.
Image JPEG image 3887569783_1037f3b3c6_o.jpg
trashy beach
Image JPEG image 3941696841_65cc390e25_o.jpg
bay cleanup
Image JPEG image 3927627521_3c640f7aa0_o.jpg
flickr phto of the week
Image JPEG image NavajoArch.jpg
Photo of Navajo Arch - b/w
Image JPEG image cattledrive.jpg
cattle drive cottonwood
Image JPEG image angelpeak.jpg
An antique-looking photo of Angel Peak.
Image JPEG image YellowstonePool.jpg
Reader photo of a thermal pool in Yellowstone
Image JPEG image BasqueSheepTrailing.jpg
Oinkari Basque dancers in the 2009 Trailing of the Sheep Festival
Image JPEG image Halloweeen warrior.jpg
Halloween Indian Warrior Costumes for Sale
Image JPEG image winterice.jpg
Ice Crystals on Hall Mountain Columbia Highlands Wilderness
Image JPEG image 2878067366-025ac82027.jpg
Red Aspen leaves in Colorado
Image PNG image desertkidstortoise.png
Students photographing desert tortoises
Image PNG image wyattmyers.png
Photograph of a desert tortoise by student Wyatt Myers
Image JPEG image 3808844251-c125a8639b.jpg
Black and white photo of a cowboy
Image JPEG image landfilljoshuatree.jpg
Red lines outline the area of the proposed landfill near Joshua Tree National Park
Image JPEG image Desmond-Tutu-story-12-12-09.jpg
Desmond Tutu speaks at Copenhagen
Image PNG image Picture 2.png
Detail: Stacked logs in Weyerhaeuser sort yard, Cosmopolis, Washington. By Eerik Johnson.
Image JPEG image wolverine_tracks.jpg
Tracks of a wolverine in snow
Image boulder-child-protests-coal
Image padlock
Image Pascal source code eagle-swoop
Eagle Swoops over Colorado winter landscape
Image text/texmacs anti-wolf-activists
Anti-wolf activists protest in Wyoming
Image text/texmacs pro-wolf-activists
Pro-wolf activists
Image aprium-blossom-in-spring
Aprium blossoms - Apriums are a hybrid of plums and apricots - near Fresno, California
Image Pascal source code mojave-map
map of Mojave NP
Image granite-mountains-in-the-mojave
Granite Mountains in the Mojave
Image reader-photo-hopeful
Photo of a tiny new tree growing in a dead tree
Image teton-summer
A chair sits below the Tetons
Image western-sandpipers
Western Sandpipers
Image mount-rushmore
Mount Rushmore
Image Octet Stream shanti-almanza
Shanti Almanza, a student at Desert Hot Springs School
Image lichen
Lichen in Joshua Tree National Park
Image JPEG image 4744419928_db424f1c16_b.jpg
Boots and sky in Utah
Image JPEG image bottledwater.jpg
Bottled water
Image JPEG image CatchComposionofChinookcopy.jpg
Catch Composition of Chinook Salmon
Image GIF image blmlogo.gif
BLM Shield
Image PNG image SethShteir.png
Mojave Preserve
Image JPEG image rendering2.jpg
Image JPEG image rendering3.jpg
Image P5310902.JPG
This intense fire was set by Forest Service fire managers over the objection of local managers and residents. It burned Old Growth and created accelerated erosion but did nothing to stop the wildfire burning miles away.
Image 020.JPG
Michael Branch walking
Image JPEG image Amargosa.jpg
Image FishImage.JPG
Image JPEG image lamprey.jpg
Image JPEG image greenroof.jpg
Image JPEG image wolf.jpg
Image JPEG image ColoradoRiver.jpg
Image JPEG image Them.jpg
Them! fake movie poster
Image JPEG image THEM.jpg
Them! fake movie poster
Image dewatereddredgetailings.JPG
Image DredgesScottR.JPG
Image JPEG image 4880004089_d9fcf975d3_b.jpg
Mt Heyburn
Image campivanpah09_1416_10sidsilliman0217.JPG
The scenic Mesquite Mountains rise above the Ivanpah Valley
Image campivanpah09_1416_10lauracunningham1549.JPG
Ivanpah Cactus
Image photo2.JPG
Ivanpah Bulldozer
Image JPEG image 202131495_ac900a263a_z.jpg
Image JPEG image PNWclouds.jpg
Clouds in the Pacific Northwest
Image JPEG image GrizzlyBear.jpg
Grizzly Bear in Montana
Image pacific-decadal-oscillation
Pacific Decadal Oscillation
Image WolverinerivercopyrightGiannaSavoie2008.JPG
Wildlife rehabilitator Steve Kroschel with Jasper, a wolverine featured in the film
Image JPEG image JEFFINTVW.jpg
Wolverine biologist Jeff Copeland is interviewed at work in Glacier National Park for 'Wolverine: Chasing the Phantom'
Image JPEG image 5152664952_a1af747b2d_b.jpg
Firehole river
Image JPEG image 5108337203_3a13dece75_b.jpg
Depuys Spring Creek Fall Colors
Image QVlyfuelbreak09.JPG
Image JPEG image mailbox.jpg
Image JPEG image Montana.jpg
Map of Earned Income Tax Credit
Image JPEG image outsidetaos.jpg
outside Taos
Image JPEG image beaver.jpg
Image PNG image Murkowski.png
Lisa Murkowski
Image JPEG image bullelk.jpg
Bull Elk
Image JPEG image powerline.jpg
power line
Image JPEG image desertcathedral.jpg
Desert cathedral
Image JPEG image cellphone.jpg
cellphone and laptop
Image JPEG image highspeedrail.jpg
high speed rail map
Image PNG image shale.png
Shale gas plays
Image JPEG image shale.jpg
Shale gas plays
Image JPEG image pipeline.jpg
pipeline map
Image JPEG image moon.jpg
Image JPEG image P1010007.jpg
Oregon and fish farming
Image JPEG image 3168797476_dc1cc667db_z.jpg
winter bison
Image JPEG image snowywolverine.jpg
Wolverine F28, in Glacier National Park
Image JPEG image tumbleweeds1.jpg
Trail blocked by tumbleweeds
Image JPEG image wolverine_2300x0.jpg
wolverine in field
Image JPEG image goats.jpg
Mountain goats
Image JPEG image cover.jpg
Water for Tomorrow cover
Image JPEG image klamathriver.jpg
Klamath river
Image JPEG image 11143941.jpg
Image Orleanspanorama_001.JPG
Image JPEG image HopeMineTailings_FortheForest.jpg
Hope Mine Tailings
Image JPEG image BlogPhoto.Jan20102.jpg
The launching hill
Image JPEG image npsfees.jpg
NPS fees chart
Image JPEG image 48e4393e7c.jpg
NPS fees chart
Image JPEG image UtahsRedRockcountryBLM.jpg
Utah's Red Rock Country
Image JPEG image 3792107547_ac525afe4f_z.jpg
Whitewater rafting in Colorado's Gunnison National Forest
Image JPEG image 5362096055_d259958e0d_z.jpg
Horse Chariot in Jackson, Wyo.
Image KidderCrnrFJ12709_001.JPG
In the West folks like to farm right down to the streambanks. Many Ag folks despise stream buffers
Image JPEG image 026_24.jpg
Western ranchers like to graze their animals not just down to the streambanks but in the dewatered streambeds as well. This pic is from NW California's Scott River Valley.