Too many pesticides


Dams aren't the only threat to Pacific coho salmon. A report, Toxic Water, by the Oregon-based Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides, reveals that pesticide residues in the waters of the Northwest may have built up to harmful concentrations. Since Western states have no reporting requirements for users of pesticides, few records exist of what gets sprayed where and by whom. In one instance, a federal investigation found that some 150,000 pounds of the agricultural pesticide, 2,4-D, was sprayed throughout the Pacific Coast coho habitat in 1987. Researchers also found that state agencies do not effectively keep pesticides out of surface waters. The coalition, mostly concerned citizens and conservationists from the Northwest, advocates establishing pesticide-free zones, thorough reporting of usage within all coho salmon habitat, and reducing or eliminating pesticide use. The 14-page report, by coalition staffers Norma Grier, Erik Clough and Anna Clewell, is free from the coalition at Box 1393, Eugene, OR 97440 (503/344-5044).

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