Horses running wild


$118.2 million
BLM wild horse and burro program budget request, 2011

$2.5 million
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wolf management budget request, 2011 (Northern Rockies)

Number of wild horses and burros Western public lands can sustain (BLM estimate)

Number of wild horses and burros now held in corrals and pastures (after being removed from public lands), up from 9,807 in 2001

Number of wild horses and burros still roaming public lands, up from 25,345 in 1971

8.6 million
Livestock grazing AUMs (animal-unit months) on BLM land, 2008

Wild horse and burro AUMs on BLM land, 2008

Average number of wild horses and burros adopted annually in the 1990s

Number adopted in 2009

Total cost to round up, transport, inoculate, hold, feed, brand, and adopt out one wild horse (estimate)

Average price paid for one wild horse in adoption auction (estimate)

Sources: Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Government Accountability Office, U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service

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