Pesticides linger in Northwest

  A report commissioned by the Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides found major groundwater contamination in five Northwest states. Neva Hasanein, the author of Uncovering the Legacy of Pesticide Use: What We Know About Ground Water Contamination in the Northwest, gathered information from researchers and government agencies in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and northern California. "Groundwater is contaminated with pesticides in 51 of the 200 counties in Northwest states," she says. The report maps counties where pesticides were detected in ground water and includes a table summarizing the levels on contamination. It concludes with suggestions on how communities can curb pesticide use. The appendices provide definitions of some 40 common pesticides and other sources of information. The 35-page report is available for $6 from NCAP, P.O. Box 1393, Eugene, OR 97440 (503/344-5044).

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