The polls on Prop 8


Ray Ring's story on Rexburg, Idaho and how the Mormon Church is throwing huge amounts of money into the campaign to pass the anti-gay marriage Proposition 8 in California is fast on its way to becoming the most commented-upon article in the history of Meanwhile, Proposition 8 is fast on its way to becoming either the biggest defeat -- or the biggest victory -- for marriage equality in the short history of the marriage-rights movement. Nate Silver of has this run-down of the latest polls on  Prop 8.

Silver puts the chance of gay marriage surviving this challenge as at best 55%. The message to all our California readers who care about these sorts of things: talk to your friends about Prop 8 and the other important ballot questions going before California voters this year, which you can learn about via HCN's politics map. And do the obvious: get out and vote.

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