Watch the who's who of Montana's dinosaur wars


The most recent issue of High Country News features a story about one-of-a-kind fossils that were unearthed in Montana and have stirred controversy in the scientific community. Reporter Montana Hodges tells the spellbinding narrative of the fossil hunters, commercial dealers, museum curators and professors of paleontology involved in the scuffle over the pair of skeletons that have come to be known as the Dueling Dinosaurs.

Below here, watch individuals from the story explain their side of the story. Read the full piece here.

Videos shot by Montana Hodges and edited by Tay Wiles. Montana Hodges is a freelance writer and author of five books. She received her MA in science journalism from the University of Montana, and is currently working on her Ph.D. in paleontology. Tay Wiles is online editor at High Country News.

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