Pre-season politics


"No matter how Diane Denish spins it, isn’t it still the same game?"

That’s the question—posed in a familiar, cynical tone—that kicked-off New Mexico’s election season this week. Unfortunately for New Mexicans who hadn’t quite recovered from last year’s ad wars, the ominous narrators of political advertising are already back to haunt the Land of Enchantment—a whopping 16 months before the 2010 elections.

The ad targeting current Lt. Gov. Diane Denish, a front-runner for the democratic gubernatorial nomination, came from the New Mexico GOP and took aim at what is expected to be the top issue in the campaign to replace scandal plagued Gov. Bill Richardson: ethics.

Also getting an early start in New Mexico is the race between incumbent Democrat Harry Teague and Republican Steve Pearce for the second district U.S. House seat in southern New Mexico. Writing for New West, Heath Haussamen speculates that the campaign "is certain to be one of the most hotly contested and high-profile House races in the nation next year."

Pearce announced his candidacy early last week, and quickly took aim at Teague for his support of the cap-and-trade bill, among other "reckless" policies.

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