Obama in Grand Junction


Promoting his health care package, President Obama will appear Saturday, August 15 in Grand Junction, Colorado, where some of Western Colorado's angry natives are primed -- by right-wing talk show host Glenn Beck  and others -- to vent their opposition, not just to Obama's health care proposal but to his presidency as a whole.

Some 4,000 people -- not only from Western Colorado but also from the Front Range, Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico and Nevada -- are expected to attend an anti-Obama rally in the morning (the President speaks at 4 pm). The Western Slope Conservative Alliance has organized a string of speakers to speak against Obama and his policies, including state Sen. Josh Penry (angling for the GOP nomination for governor) and U.S. Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah).

According to the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, opposition groups are planning to line streets around Central High School (where the President will make his appearance), but are not planning to attend the town hall meeting inside.

Meanwhile, Obama's Organizing for America group is asking people to come out to support the President.

Should be quite a show.

HCN's Cally Carswell will be live-Tweeting the event starting around 4 pm Mountain Time.

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