Image JPEG imageDenverCarbonFootprint.jpg
The colorful carbon footprints of Denver, Colorado, and its surroundings. Orange shades represent higher footprints. The top inset shows the footprint for downtown Denver, a relatively slight 34 tons per household per year. The bottom inset shows the much larger footprint of the exurbs. Source: Christopher M. Jones and Daniel M. Kammen, 'Spatial Distribution of U.S. Household Carbon Footprints Reveals Suburbanization Undermines Greenhouse Gas Benefits of Urban Population Density,' Environ. Sci. Technol., 2013.
Image JPEG imageDinkeyLoggingPhoto2.jpg
This mechanical thinning project was conducted in previously suitable Pacific fisher habitat in California's Sierra National Forest. Ironically this commercial logging project was promoted as a project designed to restore fisher habitat, but Hanson said the homogenized conditions it created are exactly the opposite of what scientific studies are concluding Pacific fishers need. Photo courtesy Chad Hanson.
Image JPEG imageDominguez.jpg
Petroglyph at Dominguez Canyon
Doug Sheffer
Image JPEG imageDraftPulseFlowMap.jpg
File PDF documentDraftPulseFlowMap41114v2.jpg.pdf
File PDF documentDraftPulseFlowMap41114v2.pdf
Image JPEG imageDraftPulseFlowMapPS.jpg
Image JPEG imageDroughtMonitor.jpg
Showing drought conditions across the West.
Image GIF imageDroughtOutlook.gif
Drought outlook for next three months
Image JPEG imageDrysideTankCloselo.jpg
Oil and gas tanks on the dryside.
Dusty snow in the San Juan Mountains, 2013. Courtesy of the Center for Snow and Avalanche Studies
Image JPEG imageEIAstormenergymap.jpg
Track storms -- historic and in real time -- as they pummel energy infrastructure. Source: Energy Information Administration.
Image JPEG imageEPA_CO2emissionsources.jpg
Source: the Environmental Protection Agency
Image JPEG imageEconomicCensus.jpg
The oil and gas and mining industries were the fastest growing sectors of the American economy from 2007-2012. Source: US Census Bureau
Image JPEG imageElCid1.jpg
The El Cid hotel in downtown Las Vegas has yet to be caught up in the latest transformation. Photography by Jonathan Thompson.
Image PNG imageElNinodrymap.png
Green areas receive more rain during El Niño years; brown areas receive less. Image courtesy of NOAA.
Image JPEG imageElenaPaintedDesertlo.jpg
The landscape around Winslow is not as bleak as it appears to the passerby. Here, the author's daughter looks out at the Little Painted Desert. Photo by Jonathan Thompson.
Image GIF imageElwhadam_aerial.gif
Image JPEG imageEmerald1.jpg
Needle Mountains reflected in a lake in the Weminuche Wilderness. A private inholding sits adjacent to this lake. Photo by Jonathan Thompson.
Image JPEG imageEmeraldSign2.jpg
Sign indicating the presence of a private inholding, and of the occasional helicopter landings.
Image JPEG imageEnergiewende.jpg
Image PNG imageEnergyConspercap.png
Total energy consumption, per capita. The US is matched only by Saudi Arabia and Canada in its gluttony. Source: BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2014.
Image JPEG imageErierising.jpg
Activists rally for the Colorado anti-fracking group, Erie Rising.
Image JPEG imageFCPPsmog.jpg
A band of yellow smog drifts from New Mexico's Four Corners Power Plant, which is out of view. Photograph by Emily Guerin.
Image JPEG imageFEMA.jpeg
Front Range flooding last September destroyed nearly 2,000 homes. Photo courtesy of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
Image JPEG imageFUEGO400.jpg
A rendering of the FUEGO satellite, which would snap digital photographs of the Western U.S. every few seconds in search of higher temperatures that could be newly ignited fires.
A Preble's meadow jumping mouse lies in torpor, a form of hibernation. Photo courtesy of US Fish and Wildlife Service.
Image JPEG imageFacade1.jpg
The front of the Saguache Crescent.
Image JPEG imageFarmingtonWall1.jpg
Farmington, New Mexico, grew tremendously during the 50s, 60s and 70s, as is revealed in its architecture, like this detail from a local restaurant. Photo by Jonathan Thompson.
Image GIF imageFarms.gif
Source: USDA Census of Agriculture.
Image GIF imageFarmsInternet.gif
Source: USDA Census of Agriculture.
Image JPEG imageFedEmployees.jpg
Western states in general have a higher percentage of federal employees than other states or the nation as a whole, meaning the government shutdown is felt more deeply here. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Image JPEG imageFigures18.jpg
ASC volunteer Lisa White collecting diatoms at Surprise Lake, Washington. Courtesy Loren Bahls/ASC.
Image JPEG imageFigures920.jpg
Cymbella blinni diatoms. Courtesy Loren Bahls.
Image JPEG imageFishHatchery.jpeg
According to Douglas M. Thompson's "The Quest for the Golden Trout," state and federal hatcheries around the U.S. release a combined 150 million trout every year. Photo courtesy of USFWS.
Image JPEG imageFisherScatDogStudyPhoto4July2012.jpg
The McNally fire area, where Hanson's fisher scat surveys were conducted, shows the complex post-fire forest habitat that fishers use. The many standing snags, downed logs, and montane chaparral patches and natural conifer regeneration provide the biomass and structural that make for good habitat for the fisher's small mammal prey. Photo courtesy Chad Hanson.
Image JPEG imageFissure.jpg
Image JPEG imageFlagstaffatnightwithPhoenixtothesouth.jpg
A NASA image of Flagstaff, Arizona, at night, with Phoenix to the south.
File PDF documentFlapMap_June.pdf
Image JPEG imageFlea_Transparent.jpeg
Plague is carried and transmitted by fleas. Once it takes hold in a prairie dog colony, it can spread quickly and be devastating.
Image JPEG imageFourCorners3.jpg
Coal plants on tribal land, like the Four Corners power plant in northwestern New Mexico, do not fall under the EPA's emissions rules for existing power plants. Tribes will have the opportunity help craft their own rules. Photo by Jonathan Thompson.
Image JPEG imageFourCornersHorses2.jpg
The Four Corners Power Plant in February.
Image JPEG imageFourCornerswide.jpg
In order to cool and condense the steam in its turbines, the Four Corners Power Plant in northwestern New Mexico built Morgan Reservoir on an arid mesa next to the plant. Windsurfers can occasionally be seen enjoying the warmed waters of the lake. Photo by Jonathan Thompson.
Image JPEG imageFrackblogsmall.jpg
A motorist with strong opinions at a 2012 anti-fracking rally in Erie, Colorado.
Image PNG imageFrog1_jpeg.png
Image PNG imageFrog2_jpeg.png
Image JPEG imageFuelbyMonth.jpg
Net US electricity generation by fuel type by month, 2012 to June 2013. Source: EIA.
Image PNG imageGC.png
Grand Canyon National Park, pictured here, would remain open during a future shutdown of the federal government, if a new bill by Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz, is signed into law. Photo graph courtesy of Grand Canyon National Park.
Image JPEG imageGCRescue
Rescuers evacuate an injured person from the Kaibab Trail in the Grand Canyon in June of 1963. Photo by James Blaisdell, courtesy Grand Canyon National Park.
Image JPEG imageGJMainSt.jpg
Durango's Main Avenue, top, is designed to move people from one place to another, while Grand Junction's Main Street, bottom, is set up to be a destination -- a place to linger. Photos: Google Maps.
Image JPEG imageGOBVandalism1.jpg
GOB Vandalism 1
Image JPEG imageGOBVandalism2.jpg
GOB Vandalism 2
Image JPEG imageGOBphoto.jpg
GOB member
Image JPEG imageGOBpostersm225x300.jpg
GOB wanted poster
Image JPEG imageGarfieldDrillUnemploy.jpg
unemployment vs. well starts
Image JPEG imageGasoline.jpeg
Image JPEG imageGermanEnergyMix.jpg
Germany's Energy Mix is heavy on the renewables, but also heavy on coal and light on expensive natural gas. Source: German Association of Energy and Water Industries.
Image JPEG imageGermanSpainUSPV.jpg
Although a Fox news commentator once attributed Germany's solar success to the fact that it gets more sunshine than the U.S., it actually has the solar potential of Alaska, as can be seen in this map. Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory.
Image PNG imageGilaRiver1.png
Farmers and ranchers say diverting the Gila would ensure long-term supply, but conservationists fear disrupting riparian ecology. Photo by Flickr user Chris M. Morris.
Image JPEG imageGini.jpg
Census Bureau map showing Gini Index
Image JPEG imageGleisDreieck1.jpg
Efficiency hasn't slowed growth in Germany. Here, cranes construct hundreds of new housing units alongside a huge, new park in central Berlin. It was made possible in part by federal laws that require developers to fund green spaces. Photo by Jonathan Thompson.
Image JPEG imageGlenCanyonDam.jpg
The Colorado River below Glen Canyon Dam.
Image JPEG imageGoogleSearch.jpg
Google search screenshot
Image JPEG imageGoogleTrekker.jpeg
Image JPEG imageGrandCanyon.jpeg
Image JPEG imageGrandCanyonFog2.jpg
This is what we, and hundreds of others, saw when we went to the Grand Canyon during a rare weather event. Photograph by Jonathan Thompson.
Image JPEG imageGrandCanyonNPS.jpg
Had we arrived a bit earlier, this is what we would have seen. National Park Service photograph by Erin Whittaker.
Image JPEG imageGrasshopperHazard.jpg
File PDF documentGrasshopperHazard
Image JPEG imageGrassskiing.jpg
Image JPEG imageGrazingBison.jpg
Bison grazing on the National Bison Range in western Montana. By Ryan Hagerty, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
Image JPEG imageGrizzly_bears_animal_wildlife1.jpg
Image JPEG imageGuckEnergiewende2lo.jpg
"Look, the Energiewende." The Germans have actually branded their energy transition, and promote it not only at home, but also internationally. This sign was attached to an electric vehicle charging station in Hamburg's HafenCity, a massive brownfield redevelopment project. Reflected in the window is Greenpeace's new German HQ, with turbines on top. Photo: Jonathan Thompson.
Image JPEG imageGunBackgroundChecks.jpg
Source: Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Image JPEG imageGunnisonSageGrouseFWS270x430.jpg
Male Gunnison sage grouse in a mating display.
File Octet StreamHCNBayDelta
Image PNG imageHECHO.Fig1g.png
A recent poll confirms Hispanics overwhelmingly support protecting public lands.
Image JPEG imageHalfDomeLine.jpg
Image JPEG imageHammer.jpg
The Hammer. Photo: Jonathan Thompson.
Image JPEG imageHardingscan.jpg
Image JPEG imageHardingscan2.jpg
Image JPEG imageHardingscan3.jpg
Image JPEG imageHardingsketchtop.jpg
Image JPEG imageHealthyFishGuideFront.jpg
Advisory from the Washington state health department.
Image JPEG imageHighTimeforWindlo.jpg
High Time for Wind Energy. Jonathan Thompson photo.
Image JPEG imageHomeOwnership.jpg
Home ownership rates continue to plummet in Arizona and Nevada, even as housing sales increase.
Image JPEG imageHomePrices.jpg
Housing price index for Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico show that prices are rebounding, mildly.
Image JPEG imageHomePrices8712.jpg
Median home prices in Denver, Phx, Las Vegas, from 1987-2012
Image JPEG imageHooverDam.jpg
Hoover Dam
Image JPEG imageHopiRunMeChasing2.jpg
Hoffman Shorty, who won the race in 1980, is chased by the author (to no avail). Photo by Lydia Thompson.
Image JPEG imageHopiRunningMasayesva.jpg
A runner nears the finish of the 2013 Louis Tewanima footrace. Photo by Lydia Thompson.
Image JPEG imageHopiSolar1.jpg
Rooftop solar on Second Mesa in Hopi, Arizona. Photograph by Jonathan Thompson.
Image JPEG imageHotelOccupancyFire.jpg
Back in 2002, Colorado wildfires dealt a massive blow to the tourism economy statewide. Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City graph.
Image JPEG imageHouse_Finch_4268002.jpg
House finches living in areas with larger human populations and greater habitat disturbance are more susceptible to infections. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons user nigel.
Image JPEG imageHousingAffordability.jpg
High percentages of Western households spend more than 50 percent of their income on housing. The darker the shade of red, the greater share of households with this severe housing cost burden. Source: Center for Housing Policy.
Image JPEG imageHugelmeyer.jpg
Frank Hugelmeyer
Image JPEG imageHughMcKeen.jpg
Hugh McKeen
This sort of degradation on BLM land, resulting from the placement of a temporary corral, is typical of what WWP documents. The corral has just been removed, its outline is the entire dirt area pictured here. Photo courtesy of Travis Bruner.
Image JPEG imageIMG_0060.jpg
Yosemite National Park ranger Shelton Johnson (left) greets African-American visitors. Photograph by James Mills.