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Image GlenCanyonDam
Image Google search screenshot
Google search screenshot
Image Google Trekker
Image Grand Canyon
Image GrandCanyonFog
This is what we, and hundreds of others, saw when we went to the Grand Canyon during a rare weather event. Photo by Jonathan Thompson.
Image GrandCanyonFogNPS
Had we gotten there a bit earlier, this is what we would have seen. NPS photo by Erin Whittaker.
Image GrasshopperHazard.jpg
File GrasshopperHazard
Image Grassskiing.jpg
Image BisonRangeGrazing
Image Grizzly_bears_animal_wildlife1.jpg
Image GuckMalEnergiewende
"Look, the Energiewende." The Germans have actually branded their energy transition, and promote it not only at home, but also internationally. This sign was attached to an electric vehicle charging station in Hamburg's HafenCity, a massive brownfield redevelopment project. Reflected in the window is Greenpeace's new German HQ, with turbines on top. Photo: Jonathan Thompson.
Image Firearm Background Checks
Source: Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Image A male Gunnison Sage Grouse displaying.
File HCNBayDelta
Image HalfDomeLine.jpg
Image The Hammer
The Hammer. Photo: Jonathan Thompson.
Image Far nunataks
Image Hand print
Image Ice field mountains
Image Harding sketch
Image HighTimeforWind
Sticker in Germany that says: "High Time for Wind." Jonathan Thompson photo.
Image Home Ownership
Home ownership rates in Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico.
Image Home Prices
Housing price index for Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico.
Image HomePrices87-12
Median home prices in Denver, Phx, Las Vegas, from 1987-2012
Image Hoover dam
Hoover Dam
Image HopiRunShorty
Hoffman Shorty, who won the race in 1980, is chased by the author (to no avail). Photo by Lydia Thompson.
Image HopiRunMasayesva
A runner nears the finish of the 2013 Louis Tewanima footrace. Photo by Lydia Thompson.
Image HopiSolar
Rooftop solar on Second Mesa in Hopi, Arizona. Photo by Jonathan Thompson.
Image HotelOccupancyFires
Back in 2002, Colorado wildfires dealt a massive blow to the tourism economy statewide. Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City graph.
Image House_Finch_4268002.jpg
House finches living in areas with larger human populations and greater habitat disturbance are more susceptible to parasites and disease. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons user nigel.
Image HousingAffordability1
High percentages of Western households spend more than 50 percent of their income on housing. The darker the shade of red, the greater share of households with this severe housing cost burden. Source: Center for Housing Policy.
Image Frank Hugelmeyer
Frank Hugelmeyer
Image Hugh McKeen
Hugh McKeen
Image IMGP7217.JPG
This sort of degradation on BLM land, resulting from the placement of a temporary corral, is typical of what WWP documents. The corral has just been removed, its outline still visible in the background. Photo courtesy of Travis Bruner.
Image CU recruiting message
Image Salazar and Bennet at CU
Image IMG_1140.jpg
Image Spruce Tree House, Mesa Verde National Park
Spruce Tree House, Mesa Verde National Park
Image Mesa Verde National Park
Rugged canyons in Mesa Verde National Park
Image Pinedale truck rig
Image Pinedale prongie
Image More anticline
Image Kuwaiti Solar class
Image Goat-faced girl
Image IMG_3281.JPG
All aboard the crane-mobile. Photo by Ben Goldfarb.
Image IMG_3360.JPG
Amber waves of cranes. Photo by Ben Goldfarb.
Image IMG_3399.JPG
Image Lynn Scarlett
Lynn Scarlett, former deputy Secretary of Interior, is now public policy director at The Nature Conservancy.
Image DanFagre
Image DanFagre
Image Oxygen-less sky
Oxygen-less sky
Image Hanging elk
Hanging elk
Image Roland McCook
Roland McCook
Image RedMountainRockfall
The reason that Red Mountain Pass was closed for more than two weeks in January. CDOT photo.
Image Idahoirrigation
Landsat-derived image of evaporation from irrigated land in Idaho during the growing season. Blue areas had the most evapotranspiration.
Image The one percent
Graph showing portion of income held by the top 1 %
Image Indian Creek
File InsectsChina
Image Ixia.gif
Image Jamestown
Jamestown, Colo., in Boulder County, on Sept. 15, 2013. Wikimedia photo courtesy Steve Zumwalt/FEMA.
Image jammer
Image Jerry Brown
Image Burch wolf collar
NPS wildlife biologist John Burch fits radio collars to sedated wolves in 2011. Burch studied the Lost Creek wolf pack (not pictured) for seven years before they were killed this February by state officials.
Image PacificConnector
In order to get natural gas from the Ruby Pipeline to the proposed Jordan Cove terminal, proponents also hope to build the Pacific Connector pipeline, which crosses timber country in southern Oregon. Source: Oregon DEQ.
Image Drapkin interviews Hotchkiss, Colorado fire chief Doug Fritz
Image Jumbo avalanche
The Jumbo avalanche path, marked in red. Courtesy City of Missoula.
Image Kerr Dam on Montana's Flathead Reservation is one of 11 dams may change hands twice by 2015
Image King Coal II
Coal mine in Hay Gulch in SW Colo
Image Old Coal mine buildings
Near King Coal
Image Klamath suction dredge
Klamath suction dredge
Image L.A. Temps
Image Los Angeles Temperature changes
Los Angeles Temperature changes
Image EnergyinLAWyoetc
These maps of Los Angeles, Wyoming and the Four Corners region show how pervasive major energy infrastructure is, in both urban and rural areas. The orange-ish dots in L.A. are oil wells, the yellow lines are pipelines; the blue dots in the Four Corners are natural gas wells; and in Wyoming, coal, coalbed methane, oil and gas and oil pipelines are evident. Source: EIA.
Image LaPosadaGate
The La Posada has been restored to its former glory and then some, and has become a major attraction for an international crowd. The iron work was done by artist John Suttman. Photo by Jonathan Thompson.
Image lamborn
Mt. Lamborn and BLM land outside Paonia, Colo. Oil and gas leases in the area have been deferred indefinitely.
File IdahoIrrigations
A Landsat-derived map of irrigated land in Idaho, showing water evaporated from irrigated fields during the April to October growing season. Blue areas had the most evapotranspiration.
Image Langstorm
Image Econ Growth NM
Looking bleak for NM
Image Leatherback sea turtle
Leatherback sea turtle
Image test image
test image
Image Leconteglacier.png
Image LewisLake.png
Image Crescent Linotype
Coombs' version of a Linotype.
Image Lisbourne Alcohol
Lisbourne Alcohol
Image LittleCottonwood.jpg
Image Little Thunder, a member of the Sioux tribe
Image Crow indian with feather headdress
Crow indian with feather headress
Image The Little Grand Canyon of the San Rafael
Image The Lochsa River in the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest. Courtesy Forest Service Northern Region
Image Long Hollow Dam Site
Pic of a dam being built on SW Colo's dryside.
Image lost creek caribou feed
The Lost Creek wolf pack feeding on a caribou in Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve. Photo courtesy NPS wildlife biologist John Burch.
Image LoveArizona
Graffiti and approaching storm, Little Painted Desert. Photo by Jonathan Thompson.
Image Lynn Scarlett
Lynn Scarlett on a hike. Courtesy American Hiking Society.
Image LynxFWS.gif
Conservation groups are suing the state of Idaho to prevent lynx from ending up as bobcat bycatch. Photo courtesy of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
Image EHD Deer
EHD causes internal bleeding and fever in whitetail deer and other ungulates, often causing the animal's death.
Image Macho B
Macho B
Image Mah
Dr. Chris Mah
Image many glaciers lodge
Image MarrinerEccles
Pic of Marriner Eccles

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