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Image CIMG5111.JPG
Image CSAS_20130516_1150.JPG
Image CSASphoto1_CAPTION_PhotocourtesyofCenterforSnowandAvalancheStudies.JPG
Image CSASphoto2_SenatorBeckStudyPlot_PhotocourtesyofCenterforSnowandAvalancheStudies.jpg
Image CalAqua.jpg
Image CA Fire from MODIS
This image, captured by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS), shows fires from California in 2013. While providing important information, MODIS circles the earth every 1-2 days. FUEGO would give continual coverage of a single landmass.
Image California_condor_FWS_photo.jpg
Image Participants at Camp Moreno
Camp Moreno participants check out a stuffed bird while on a tour of Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park.
Image Roberto Moreno
Roberto Moreno founded Camp Moreno to provide fun outdoor experiences for families of color.
Image CampWilliams.png
Image CattlenearHorseSpringApril2010.jpg
Some of Cliven Bundy's cattle graze nearby a spring in Gold Butte, an area completely closed to grazing. Photo courtesy of Rob Mrowka.
Image Cement production
U.S. cement production and consumption
Image CentralValleyDepletion.png
Image Ceres_NightFlaresMap.jpg
Image EcologistsSageGrouse
Image Charley River
The Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve, one of Alaska's scarcely-visited parks. Photo coutesy NPS / Josh Spice
Image ChemicalsandlargerLPtanks.jpg
Chemical herbicides and pesticides and large tanks of liquified natural gas (for cooking) are among the more dangerous waste collected during a trespass grow cleanup. Photo courtesy of Rick Fleming.
Image Chicago parking dips snow removal
Chicago parking dips snow removal
Image Chicken
The "Peoples Choice." Photo: Jonathan Thompson.
Image ChinaInsects
Image ChinoMine
Image Pacific chorus frog in Yosemite National Park.By Devin Edmonds, USGS
Image HumpbackChub
Image Chukchi sea
Sunset over the Chukchi Sea in 2011. Image Courtesy NASA.
Image VegasCityHall
Las Vegas's new City Hall with solar trees. Photo by Jonathan Thompson.
Image coalashponds
Image energy switch
coal to nat gas switching
Image Coal Profits
Coal profits for Arch and Peabody 2007 to 2012
Image CoalvNaturalGas
Monthly electricity generation, by fuel. Source: Energy Information Administration.
File CoastGaurd
Image CoastGaurd.png
Image ConstructionJobs
Construction jobs are coming back, very slowly, in Nevada and Arizona. New Mexico has problems.
Image Coombs at Press
Dean Coombs at his old press.
Image CopperMntAmusement
Image County well starts
Colorado well starts in 4 counties
Image Craig's FB
Craig's FB
Image Cricket.jpg
Image Cushing OK spot price
Cushing OK spot price
Image Drought Impact Reporter
Drought Impact Reporter
Image Drought Impact Reporter
Drought Impact Reporter
Image DSC03994.JPG
Invasive weeds grow near an old corral on public lands in Idaho. Photo courtesy of Travis Bruner.
Image McClure Pass Rockfall
A rockslide on the west side of McClure Pass, just one of many possible hazards on winding Highway 133 in Colorado.
Image DSC_0037.jpg
Image Cotton field in Westlands Water District, California.
Drought-damaged cotton field in Westlands Water District, California. PHOTO BY JEREMY MILLER.
Image Signs near Wasco, California.
These roadside signs are part of water conservation efforts in the Central Valley town of Wasco.
Image Sign near Wasco, California.
This warning sign is near Wasco, California. PHOTO BY JEREMY MILLER.
Image Fish vs. farmers sign
A sign on Highway 46 near Westlands, California, that is part of the larger “fish versus farmers” campaign. PHOTO BY JEREMY MILLER.
Image GlenCanyonDamflood1
The base of Glen Canyon dam and the outflow valves through which millions of gallons of water per minute flowed during the 2013 High Flow Experiment. Photo by Jonathan Thompson.
Image DarkSky App
Dark Sky's interface is minimalist; so is its information.
Image Arizona Grid Pic
Image debate test
debate test
Image DenverCarbonFootprint
The colorful carbon footprints of Denver, Colorado, and its surroundings. The top inset shows the footprint for downtown Denver, a relatively slight 34 tons per household per year. The bottom inset shows the much larger footprint of the exurbs. Source: Christopher M. Jones and Daniel M. Kammen, Spatial Distribution of U.S. Household Carbon Footprints Reveals Suburbanization Undermines Greenhouse Gas Benefits of Urban Population Density. Environ. Sci. Technol., 2013.
Image DinkeyLoggingPhoto2.jpg
This mechanical thinning project was conducted in previously suitable Pacific fisher habitat in the Sierra National Forest, in southern Sierra Nevada. Ironically this commercial logging project was promoted as a project designed to "restore" fisher habitat, but Hanson said the homogenized conditions it created are exactly the opposite of what scientific studies are concluding Pacific fishers need. Photo courtesy of Chad Hanson.
Image Petroglyph
Image Doug Sheffer
Doug Sheffer
Image Drought Monitor
Showing drought conditions across the West.
Image drought outlook
Drought outlook for next three months
Image Dryside o&g tank
Oil and gas tanks on the dryside.
Image DustSanJuans.JPG
Image EIA Storm energy map
Track storms -- historic and in real time -- as they pummel energy infrastructure. Source: EIA.
Image EconomicCensus12
The oil and gas and mining industries were the fastest growing sectors of the American economy from 2007-2012. Source: US Census Bureau
Image ElCid
The El Cid hotel in downtown Las Vegas has yet to be caught up in the latest transformation. Photo by Jonathan Thompson.
Image WinslowElenaPaintedDesert
The landscape around Winslow is not as bleak as it appears to the passerby. Here, the author's daughter looks out at the Little Painted Desert. Photo by Jonathan Thompson.
Image Elwha
Image Energiewende graph
Image Erie rising
Image smog at four corners
A band of yellow smog drifts from Four Corners Power Plant. Courtesy Emily Guerin.
Image FEMA.jpeg
Front Range flooding last September destroyed nearly 2,000 homes. Photo courtesy of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
Image Fuego
This is an artist's concept of the FUEGO satellite, which would snap digital photos of the Western U.S. every few seconds in search of hot spots that could be newly ignited fires. (Credit: R. E. Lafever, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Image FWS_PMJM_in_Torpor_Coldinduced_sleep_hibernation_long_tail.JPG
A Preble's meadow jumping mouse lies in torpor, a form of hibernation. Photo courtesy of US Fish and Wildlife Service.
Image Crescent Facade
The front of the Saguache Crescent.
Image Fedemployees
Western states in general have a higher percentage of federal employees than other states or the nation as a whole, meaning the government shutdown is felt more deeply here. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Image Diatom collection
Collecting diatoms in the Northwest. Courtesy Loren Bahls/ASC
Image Diatoms
Diatoms. Courtesy Loren Bahls.
Image FishHatchery.jpeg
According to Douglas M. Thompson's "The Quest for the Golden Trout," state and federal hatcheries around the U.S. release a combined 150 million trout every year. Photo courtesy of USFWS.
Image FisherScatDogStudyPhoto4July2012.jpg
The McNally fire area, where Hanson's fisher scat surveys were conducted, shows the complex early seral forest habitat that fishers are actively using. The many standing snags, downed logs, and montane chaparral patches and natural conifer regeneration provide the biomass and structural complexity that make for good habitat for the fisher's small mammal prey. Photo courtesy of Chad Hanson.
Image Fissure.jpg
File FlapMap_June.pdf
Image Flea
Plague is carried and transmitted by fleas. Once it takes hold in a prairie dog colony, it can spread quickly and be devastating.
Image Four Corners Power Plant
Four Corners Power Plant on the Navajo Nation. Photo by Jonathan Thompson.
Image Four Corners Power Plant w Horses
The Four Corners Power Plant in February.
Image Frack bus
A motorist with strong opinions at a 2012 Erie Rising anti-fracking rally.
Image Malformed frog
Image Malformed Frog 2
Image FuelbyMonth.jpg
Net US electricity generation by fuel type by month, 2012 to June 2013. Source: EIA.
Image GC.png
Image GOB Vandalism 1
GOB Vandalism 1
Image GOB Vandalism 2
GOB Vandalism 2
Image GOB member
GOB member
Image GOB wanted poster
GOB wanted poster
Image Garfield Cty Unemployment
unemployment vs. well starts
Image Gas Pump
Image GermanEnergyMix
Germany's Energy Mix is heavy on the renewables, but also heavy on coal and light on expensive natural gas. Source: German Association of Energy and Water Industries.
Image SolarPotentialMap
Although a Fox news commentator once attributed Germany's solar success to the fact that it gets more sunshine than the U.S., it actually has the solar potential of Alaska, as can be seen in this map. Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory.
Image GilaRiver1.png
Farmers and ranchers say diverting the Gila would ensure long-term supply, but conservationists fear disrupting riparian ecology. Photo by Flickr user Chris M. Morris.
Image Gini
Census Bureau map showing Gini Index
Image GlenCanyonDam
Image Google search screenshot
Google search screenshot
Image Google Trekker
Image Grand Canyon

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