Image JPEG image9674957009_362cb288ed_z.jpg
Cleaning up Highway 120 after the Rim Fire.
Image JPEG image9776194143_3dfb561c88_z.jpg
A man in a canoe inspects flood damage at his Front Range home. Courtesy of Flickr user Lauryn McDowell.
Image JPEG image9780800715_756bee0e6d_z.jpg
Flooding in Loveland, Colo. Courtesy Flickr user Ed Ogle.
Image JPEG image9789650276_906a575f61_z.jpg
A washed-out road in Boulder County. Courtesy US Army.
Image JPEG imageAR130619903.jpgExactW218.jpg
Mitchell Dale Stehling, missing in Mesa Verde National Park
Image PNG imageAZAlluvialDepletion.png
Image JPEG imageAZVacancy.jpg
The number of empty homes in Arizona climbed dramatically even as home prices were going up. They've dropped, slightly, but there are still a lot of empty homes out there.
Image JPEG imageAZnetmeter.jpg
Source: APS.
Image JPEG imageAbandonedHotel.jpg
An abandoned hotel just outside of Gallup, New Mexico. Photo by Jonathan Thompson.
Image JPEG imageAlisonmanagingrisk.jpg
Alison demonstrates proper brain-eating amoeba risk mitigation technique.
Image JPEG imageAmtrakMan2lo.jpg
The railroad isn't what it used to be in Winslow, but the Amtrak does stop at La Posada every day. Photo by Jonathan Thompson.
Image JPEG imageAnimasValley.jpg
The glacially-carved Animas Valley as the river runs into Durango. The contentious Oxbow preserve is just left of center, where the beach sticks into the river. Jonathan Thompson photo.
Image JPEG imageAveuAd.jpg
Avue contracts with the government for a variety of digital services. In anticipation of budget cuts, they put out this announcement.
Image JPEG imageBCLNG.jpeg
How British Columbia powers its LNG boom could determine whether the province manages to meet its emissions reduction targets. Photo courtesy of the B.C. Ministry of Natural Gas Development.
Image JPEG imageBLMmeeting615.jpg
Image JPEG imageBLMmeeting6152.jpg
The crowd berates the BLM. Photo courtesy Andrew Cullen
Image JPEG imageBackDesk1.jpg
Dean Coombs' printing desk, with galleys.
Image JPEG imageBackofDamlo1.jpg
The backside of Glen Canyon Dam along with the 'bathtub ring' that shows how much the water level has dropped during the extended drought. Photograph by Jonathan Thompson.
Image JPEG imageBallotMeasureTableWeb.jpg
Ballot Measures Table
Image JPEG imageBallotMeasureTableWeb2.jpg
Ballot Measures Table
Image JPEG imageBanerjee615.jpg
Porcupine Caribou herd Banerjee
Image JPEG imageBasketballBrianAdams.jpg
Brian Adams Disappearing Villages
Image JPEG imageBasketballBrianAdams615.jpg
Disappearing Villages Brian Adams
Image JPEG imageBatwithWhiteNose.jpg
Image JPEG imageBeaverCreek.jpg
Beaver Creek
Image JPEG imageBegich
Incumbent Senator Mark Begich. Courtesy the Begich campaign.
Image JPEG imageBerlinMailBike.jpg
Berliners use bikes for almost everything, including as mail delivery trucks. Photo by Jonathan Thompson.
Image JPEG imageBigBattery.jpg
If you could just hook a giant battery up to wind turbines and solar panels, it would solve a lot of problems. Photo illustration by Jonathan Thompson.
File JPEG imageProduce with bees, and without.
The produce section with bees, and without. COURTESY WHOLE FOODS MARKET.
Image JPEG imageBison_NPS.jpeg
Because of brucellosis concerns, Yellowstone's bison are prevented from migrating out of the park during winter. Photo courtesy of the National Park Service.
Image JPEG imageBison_bison_Wichita_Mountain_Oklahoma.jpg
A Native American natural food company and a non-profit hope to bring buffalo back to reservation ranches.
Image PNG imageBlaise.png
Blaise Energy generators using natural gas to power an oil well.
Image JPEG imageBolsonTotoises001_0012.jpg
tortuga grande
Image JPEG imageBorregoSprings2.jpg
Borrego Springs, Calif., with the lights of San Diego to the west. NASA/GoogleEarth image. Click to englarge.
Image JPEG imageBrighamYoung.jpg
Brigham Young
Image JPEG imageBuildingPermits.jpg
Home construction has seen a minor uptick recently, but nowhere near what these states experienced over the last decade and more.
Image JPEG imageBycatchtable.jpg
Bycatch table
Image JPEG imageByers_LincVolt.jpg
The chariot arrives, carrying Neil Young and Daryl Hannah.
Image JPEG imageByers_NoTarSands.jpg
The illuminated message of the so-called protesters.
Image JPEG imageCAISOrenewables.jpg
For comparison's sake, this is the energy mix in the California grid on July 2, 2013. Not bad if you include large hydropower as a renewable. Source: CAISO
Image JPEG imageCAsnowpackmap.jpg
Image JPEG imageCDPHE_CWPhospitalizations_20012011.jpg
The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment tracks hospitalizations related to black lung in the state, although this does not reflect actual prevalence of the disease. Graphic courtesy of CDPHE. Click for larger image.
Photovoltaic panels at a solar power plant in Colorado's rural San Luis Valley. Sarah Gilman.
Image JPEG imageCOfarm.jpg
Thirsty cities along Colorado's Front Range are buying up farmers' water Photography by Flickr user James Insogna
Reddish-brown layers in the snowpack chronicle a season of dust-on-snow events in the snowpack. Photo courtesy of the Center for Snow and Avalanche Studies.
Image JPEG imageCSASphoto2_SenatorBeckStudyPlot_PhotocourtesyofCenterforSnowandAvalancheStudies.jpg
The Senator Beck Basin study site measures dust-on-snow events in the San Juan Mountains. Photo courtesy of the Center for Snow and Avalanche Studies.
Image JPEG imageCalAqua.jpg
Image JPEG imageCalifornia.A2003299.1840.jpeg
Wildfires in California in 2013. These images were captured by a NASA satellite that has orbited Earth since 1999. The new FUEGO technology would remain focused on one area of the planet, rather than continuously orbit.
Image JPEG imageCalifornia_condor_FWS_photo.jpg
Image JPEG imageCampMoreno1.jpg
Camp Moreno participants check out a stuffed bird while on a tour of Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park.
Image JPEG imageCampMoreno2.jpg
Roberto Moreno founded Camp Moreno to provide fun outdoor experiences for families of color.
Image PNG imageCampWilliams.png
Image JPEG imageCattlenearHorseSpringApril2010.jpg
Some of Cliven Bundy's cattle graze nearby a spring in Gold Butte, an area completely closed to grazing. Photo courtesy of Rob Mrowka.
Image JPEG imageCement.jpg
U.S. cement production and consumption
Image PNG imageCentralValleyDepletion.png
Image JPEG imageCeres_NightFlaresMap.jpg
Image JPEG imageChacoCanyongreathouse.jpg
The night sky in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, with an ancient stone building in the foreground.Courtesy National Park Service.
Image JPEG imageChannelwithEcologists.jpg
Ecologists measuring plants in the meadow expect to see more wetland species over time. In the background, Bill Zeedyk directs the Nature Conservancy crew on treating an eroded headcut with an aspen structure.
Image JPEG imageCharleyRiverAerial1688x.jpg
The Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve, one of Alaska's scarcely-visited parks. Photo courtesy NPS / Josh Spice
Image JPEG imageChemicalsandlargerLPtanks.jpg
Chemical herbicides and pesticides and large tanks of liquified natural gas (for cooking) are among the more dangerous waste collected during a trespass grow cleanup. Photo courtesy of Rick Fleming.
Image JPEG imageChicagodibs.jpg
Chicago parking dips snow removal
Image JPEG imageChicken.jpg
The "Peoples Choice." Photo: Jonathan Thompson.
Image JPEG imageChinaInsects.jpg
Image JPEG imageChino_copper_mine.jpg
Image JPEG imageChorusFrog.jpg
Image JPEG imageChubAZGameandFish.jpg
Endangered humpback chub live only in the Colorado River system. They have a lifespan up to 30 years.
Image JPEG imageChukchi.jpg
Sunset over the Chukchi Sea in 2011. Image Courtesy National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
Image JPEG imageCityHall1.jpg
Las Vegas' new City Hall with solar trees. Photograph by Jonathan Thompson.
Image JPEG imageClapperRail.jpeg
A native California clapper rail takes shelter in a stand of invasive Spartina alterniflora. Image courtesy of Robert Clark.
Image JPEG imageCoalAshKestrel.jpg
Aerial view of Colstrip's leaky ash ponds. By Chris Boyer,
Image PNG imageCoalNatGasElasticity.png
coal to nat gas switching
Image JPEG imageCoalProfits.jpg
Coal profits for Arch and Peabody 2007 to 2012
Image JPEG imageCoalvNaturalGas413.jpg
Monthly electricity generation, by fuel. Source: Energy Information Administration.
File chemical/x-mdl-rdfileCoastGaurd
Cleanup during the 2010 Enbridge pipeline spill in Mich. (U.S. Coast Guard)
Image PNG imageCoastGaurd.png
Cleanup of the 2010 Enbridge pipeline spill in Mich. (U.S. Coast Guard)
Image TIFF imageCohospawnerSC18salmon1Dec2011.tif
A spawning coho salmon navigates a restored side channel. Photo courtesy of the Freshwater Trust.
Image JPEG imageConstructionJobs.jpg
Arizona's construction jobs are making a mild comeback, but the same isn't yet true for Nevada and New Mexico
Image JPEG imageCoombPress1.jpg
Dean Coombs at his old press.
An amusing summer day at Copper Mountain in Colorado. Photo by Sarah Jane Keller.
Image GIF imageCorporateFarms.gif
Source: USDA Census of Agriculture.
Image JPEG imageCountyWellStarts.jpg
Colorado well starts in 4 counties
Image PNG imageCraigFB.png
Craig's FB
Image JPEG imageCricket.jpg
Image JPEG imageCushtingOKWTISpotPrice.jpg
Cushing OK spot price
Image JPEG imageDGOMAIN.jpg
Durango, Colorado's Main Avenue looks like a lot of Western towns' main drags. While it's not hostile to pedestrians and bikers, it's also not as friendly as it could be. Photo by Jonathan Thompson.
Image JPEG imageDIRscreenshot.jpg
Drought Impact Reporter
Image JPEG imageDIRscreenshotclsoeup.jpg
Drought Impact Reporter
Invasive weeds, which have grown in place of native plants that were removed by over-grazing near an old corral on public lands in Idaho. Photo courtesy of Travis Bruner.
A rockslide on the west side of McClure Pass, just one of many possible hazards on winding Highway 133 in Colorado. Courtesy Colorado Department of Transportation.
Image JPEG imageDSC_0037.jpg
Activist Alfredo Figueroa in the Palo Verde Valley in southeastern California. Photograph by Jeremy Miller.
Drought-damaged cotton field in Westlands Water District, California. PHOTO BY JEREMY MILLER.
Dry pasture in Westlands Water District, California. PHOTO BY JEREMY MILLER.
This warning sign is near Wasco, California, in the Central Valley. PHOTO BY JEREMY MILLER.
A sign on Highway 46 west of the Westlands Water District, California, that is part of the larger “fish versus farmers” campaign. PHOTO BY JEREMY MILLER.
Image JPEG imageDamOutflow1.jpg
The base of Glen Canyon dam and the outflow valves through which millions of gallons of water per minute flowed during the 2013 High Flow Experiment. Photograph by Jonathan Thompson.
Dark Sky's interface is minimalist; so is its information.
Image JPEG imageDarkTransCenter2.jpg
Image JPEG imageDebate.jpg
debate test