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Image trash in arizona desert
trash in arizona desert
Image 5760934580_8af4470879.jpg
Image 576pxGreat_Depression_Era_White_Tenant_Farmer_in_North_Carolina_1936.jpg
Image 5788241740_df3d2d4048_o.png
Image Imperial Valley
Irrigation canal in the Imperial Valley. Courtesy Flickr user Balazs Gardi.
Image Experimental plot at the Nevada National Security Site, where additonal carbon was piped into the atmosphere for 10 years. Researchers walked on platforms to avoid disturbing the microbial soil crust. Photo courtesy of National Nuclear Security Administration / Nevada Site Office.
Image Wind River Coyotes
Image idaho grazing
idaho grazing
Image Sally Jewell
Sally Jewell
Image alaska girl and dog 3
Selawik, Alaska. Courtesy Flickr user lauritadianita.
Image San Onofre
San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, units 2 and 3
Image Cows Barn
Cows Barn
Image San Juan Islands
San Juan Islands
Image Salvation Mountain
Salvation Mountain. Just east of the Salton Sea. Imperial Valley, CA.
Image 6647389067_683c8d4968.jpg
Image 6750194629_d8423f5986_z.jpg
Image oregon logging
oregon logging
Image flying monarchs
Billions of monarchs migrate from the Great Plains to winter habitat in Mexico, pictured here, but their numbers are down by half since just last year. Photo courtesy Flickr user Luna sin estrellas.
Image greetings from odessa
A post card advertises the oil boom in the Permian Basin in the 1930s. Oil companies have operated here since the 1920s. Courtesy Flickr Boston Public Library.
Image Inhofe
Image rural republican
rural republican
Image Browns Canyon
Browns Canyon, Colorado. Courtesy Mark Udall.
Image 6990781448_0426ea3bb8_z.jpg
Image documerica cotton field
Irrigated by water from the Colorado River, newly planted cotton field near needles will produce fast results in the hot desert climate, May 1972
Image documerica montana coal
Young Rial Redding, third generation of Reddings who have ranched in Sarpy Basin, joins the resistance movement. The Reddings have refused to sell to the Westmoreland Coal Company, June 1973.
Image drone fire
Credit: Flickr user Abayomi Azikiwe
Image Ken Salazar
Ken Salazar
Image John Fenton Pavillion
Image God hates fracks
Evidence of an emotional debate: claiming God is on your side
Image Mexican wolf in captivity.
Mexican wolf in captivity. Courtesy Flickr user Don Burkett.
Image Bison watching in Yellowstone
Image gas rig PA
gas rig PA
Image wild horse roundup
Image faucet
Image Zombie fly
Zombie fly
Image Cloud seeding diagram
Cloud seeding diagram
Image mohave generating station
Mohave Generating Station
Image Trader
Image Frozen steer
Young steer near Rapid City, S.D., after the March, 1966 blizzard.
Image Prop 37 sign
Proposition 37, Mandatory Labeling of Genetically Engineered Food Initiative, was on the November 6, 2012 ballot in California, where it was defeated.
Image Pipeline
Image documerica earth ships
Documerica, then and now. Earthships in Taos, New Mexico in 1972 and 2011. Credit: David Hiser and Dan Conlin.
Image internet meme
internet meme
Image Monarch
Policies that encourage the destruction of native grasslands contribute to plummeting monarch butterfly populations. Photo courtesy USFWS Mountain Prairie.
Image oil rig permian basin
An old-style oil rig in the Permian Basin, where companies have drilled for oil since the 1920s. Courtesy Flickr user Charles Henry.
Image short shorts and cell phones
Image EAB
The deceptively beautiful emerald ash borer, which has the potential to devastate urban and native forests in the West. Courtesy
Image Cave
Descending into the bowels of 2013's darkest energy news. (And also, New Zealand's Harwood's Hole, courtesy Flickr user, Armchair Caver.)
Image Rio Baker
The Rio Baker. Credit Flickr user Louis Vest.
Image North Fork
A bill to protect the North Fork of Montana's Flathead River overwhelmingly passed a House committee this week. Photo courtesy Flickr user Sunburned Surveyor.
Image Lee's Ferry closed
A Grand Canyon boater turned away at the road to Lee's Ferry. Photo courtesy Ceiba Adventures.
Image 8697651039_38c7c08aca_c.jpg
Image corn field
Milkweed once commonly grew on the edges of cornfields, but chemicals sprayed on herbicide-resistant crops have made it scarcer on farmland. Photo courtesty Flickr user Carol Von Canon.
Image beer in river
Image drone camera
Credit: Flickr user Don McCullough
Image Arches National Park
Road through Arches National Park. Courtesy Flickr user Ben Grogan.
Image drone protest
Credit: Flickr user Steve Rhodes
Image 8b31812r.jpg
Image Silver Fire at night
The Silver Fire in southern New Mexico. Gila National Forest photo.
Image Oil truck in North Dakota
Oil truck in North Dakota. Courtesy Flickr user Tim Evanson.
Image Dust bowl scene.
The Farm Bill was originally meant to help small family farms recover from the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl years.
Image Organ Mountains2
President Obama may invoke executive action to protect the Organ Mountains in New Mexico from oil and gas drilling if Congress doesn't act soon. Photo courtesty BLM.
Image Valles Caldera National Preserve
Near the entrance to Valles Caldera National Preserve in New Mexico. Courtesy of Flickr user Ron Cogswell.
Image National Institute of Health
Medical research, disease tracking and environmental surveys are some of the science projects on hold during the shutdown.
Image Rim Fire
Cleaning up Highway 120 after the Rim Fire.
Image 9776194143_3dfb561c88_z.jpg
Image Loveland flooding
Flooding in Loveland, Colo. Courtesy Flickr user Ed Ogle.
Image Flooding in Colorado
Image Mitchell Dale Stehling
Mitchell Dale Stehling, missing in Mesa Verde National Park
Image AZAlluvialDepletion.png
Image Vacancy Rates
Home vacancy rates in Arizona.
Image AZNetMetering
Source: APS.
Image Alison amoeba
Alison demonstrates proper brain-eating amoeba risk mitigation technique.
Image AmtrakMan
The railroad isn't what it used to be in Winslow, but the Amtrak does stop at La Posada every day. Photo by Jonathan Thompson.
Image Avue Ad
Avue contracts with the government for a variety of digital services. In anticipation of budget cuts, they put out this announcement.
Image BCLNG.jpeg
How British Columbia powers its LNG boom could determine whether the province manages to meet its emissions reduction targets. Photo courtesy of the B.C. Ministry of Natural Gas Development.
Image BLM leasing meeting, Paonia
Image BLM leasing meeting, Paonia
Image Historic burnover fatalities
Image Crescent Back Desk
Dean Coombs' printing desk, with galleys.
Image GlenCanyonDamRing
The backside of Glen Canyon Dam along with the "bathtub ring" that shows how much the water level has dropped during the extended drought. Photo by Jonathan Thompson.
Image Ballot Measures Table
Ballot Measures Table
Image Ballot Measures Table
Ballot Measures Table
Image Porcupine Caribou herd Banerjee
Porcupine Caribou herd Banerjee
Image Brian Adams Disappearing Villages
Brian Adams Disappearing Villages
Image Disappearing Villages Brian Adams
Disappearing Villages Brian Adams
Image batwhitenose
Image Beaver Creek
Beaver Creek
Image BigBattery
If you could just hook a giant battery up to wind turbines and solar panels, it would solve a lot of problems. Photo illustration by Jonathan Thompson.
File Produce with bees, and without.
The produce section with bees, and without. COURTESY WHOLE FOODS MARKET.
Image Because of brucellosis concerns, Yellowstone's bison are prevented from migrating out of the park during winter. Photo courtesy of the National Park Service.
Image Blaise.png
Image Tortuga grande
tortuga grande
Image Brigham Young
Brigham Young
Image Building Permits
Home construction is up slightly in Nevada and Arizona. Not so much in New Mexico.
Image Bycatch table
Bycatch table
Image LincVolt Byers
The chariot arrives, carrying Neil Young and Daryl Hannah.
Image No Tar Sands Byers
The illuminated message of the "protesters."
Image CAISOmix
For comparison's sake, this is the energy mix in the California grid on July 2, 2013. Not bad if you include large hydropower as a renewable. Source: CAISO
Image CA snowpack map

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  1. Why homes are lost to wildfire | This Forest Service expert says it's as much a soc...
  2. Photos of a standoff | Armed militia members join a Nevada rancher to pro...
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