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Image 0476BlackWolfStandinginSnowSsoutheastAlaska20080407_DSC1031work16x24cropped3copy5x7300ppi.jpg
The rare Alexander Archipelago wolf is threatened by logging and hunting on Prince of Wales Island. Photo courtesy of Robin Silver.
Image Means family
Ryan, Rebecca and Skyla Means
Image Yellowstone Shutdown
Yellowstone National Park's roads are closed during the government shutdown.
Image Kings Canyon Closed
Kings Canyon National Park blocks access as it, and all the national parks, close during the federal shutdown.
Image Kings Canyon National Park closed.
Closure signs at the entrance to Kings Canyon National Park. Courtesy NPCA
Image Closed campground at Bryce National Park.
Closed campground at Bryce National Park, Utah. Courtesy NPCA.
Image Stewart Udall
Stewart Udall and Lady Bird Johnson in Grand Teton National Park, 1964.
Image bee swarm on a bicycle
Image 10749084546_b7af399670_z.jpg
The outskirts of Lake City, Colorado. Courtesy Flickr user Alex Berger.
Image San Pedro River
San Pedro River
Image Plows in action
Snowplows tackle tumbleweeds in southeastern Colorado. Image courtesy Crowley County.
Image weed clog
Tumbleweeds clog a road fenceline to fenceline all the way to the horizon. Image courtesy Crowley County.
Image 12333738624_d4312a6554_z.jpg
Image 12 years a slave poster
Image Fox Glacier
Looking up from inside a crevasse in New Zealand's Fox Glacier, courtesy Flickr user Robert Stokes.
Image Methane leak
An infrared camera picks up methane and volatile organic compounds leaking from a tank. Image courtesy of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Image hoonah, ak
Hoonah, Alaska. Note clear cut mountains in the background. Credit: Flickr user rkeefer.
Image horse at sunset
horse at sunset
Image 1976 sort map
1976 sort map
Image Smog
Image 2008 sort map
2008 sort map
Image rigs and prices
Rig counts vs. natural gas prices
Image Wolf Distribution
This map from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service shows the 2012 distribution of the Northern Rockies gray wolf packs.
Image November 30 storm image
November 30 storm image
Image December 3 image
December 3 image
Image Jon Marvel
Jon Marvel, founder of Western watersheds, looking off into the distance wearing a hat.
Image Mike Branch
Mike Branch, climbing a sand dune in the middle of winter. What a silly person. By Stephanie P Ogburn
Image Rios to Rivers
Rios to Rivers in Chile. Photo courtesy Katie Hymen
Image snowpack 2014
Image tongass forest
Image Port Gamble Sunrise
Image Coyote
Image Sonoran Desert National Monument
Sonoran Desert National Monument
Image mountain beer
Image city bird
city bird
Image danger cliff
danger cliff sign
Image Pinedale Anticline
Natural gas drilling rigs on the Pinedale Anticline in Wyoming
Image flu shot
A woman gets a flu shot. Courtesy Flickr user Lance McCord.
Image 2960138481_6138ee0cc0_z.jpg
Image Prop 37 sign
Proposition 37, Mandatory Labeling of Genetically Engineered Food, was on the November 6, 2012 ballot in California but it was defeated.
Image Navajo Generating Station at sunrise.
The Navajo Generating Station at sunrise.
Image SLC smog
Image Factory farmed chickens
The new farm bill won't prevent states from imposing more humane standards on livestock producers.
Image cso
Image Baby panda
Baby panda
Image bitterroot forest fire
Fire on the East Fork of the Bitterroot River, Montana
Image Kids hiking in the Trinity Alps (not from a wilderness therapy program)
Image 3387341859_11c6054226.jpg
Image beetle kill
Beetle killed trees in Colorado
Image Gray wolf in Montana
Gray wolf in Montana. Courtesy Flickr user funpics47.
Image Owyhee River
Owyhee River
Image Honeybee on clover.
Image hiker on phone
Image Bumblebee on a flower.
Bumblebee visiting a Phacelia tanacetifolia. COURTESY FLICKR USER ALEXANDRA DULAUNOY.
Image Baby hummingbirds
Baby hummingbirds
Image Elliott forest barricade
A barricade made by timber protesters at Elliott State Forest, Oregon.
Image Map of disputed roads in Utah
Map of roads claimed under RS 2477 in Utah. Courtesy of Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance.
Image documerica rifle
Hunters Taking Their Deer Back to Denver Must Stop at Check Station North of Rifle, Where Their Kill Is Counted and Examined from This Information the Colorado Department of Fishing and Game Determines the Time and Duration of Next Year's Season. 1972. Credit: David Hiser
Image documerica moab dump
Moab Dump. Lasal Mountains, Considered a Recreational Asset, Rise in Background, May 1972.
Image Homeless
Homeless in Los Angeles. Photo courtesy Flickr user Kevin McShane.
Image 3877889327_7bda967fe1_z.jpg
Image coal mines Paonia
One of the North Fork Valley's three coal mines. Courtesy Alejandro De La Cruz via Flickr.
Image Skywalk
The Skywalk
Image Valles Caldera National Preserve
A view across Valles Caldera National Preserve. Courtesy of Flickr user Jim Legans Jr.
Image Moose drool
As moose decline in Montana, this beer could become an anachronism.
Image New York Times
New York Times
File alaska village girl and dog
A girl in Selawik, Alaska. Courtesy Flickr user Lauritadianita.
Image methane capture
Capturing methane from gas wells.
Image Cows in the vicinity of Grand Staircase Escalante
Image Salton Sea
Salton Sea. Courtesy Flickr user C. Strife.
Image Coyote holocaust
Image gowanus canal
gowanus canal
Image documerica gas shortage
Gasoline Stations Abandoned During the Fuel Crisis in the Winter of 1973-74 Were Sometimes Used for Other Purposes, April 1974
Image Prairie grasses
A provision in the farm bill would encourage farmers not to plow up native prairie for crops.
Image magdalena, nm
Image Utah coal plant
Image 443555888_0413c756a7.jpg
Image Mule Deer in WY
Mule deer in WY
Image Griz
Image Escalante-Grand Staircase National Monument
Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, where Ruess disappeared.
Image lambs
Image oyster in point reyes 1
oyster in point reyes 1
Image oyster in point reyes
oyster in point reyes
Image 4855695955_17c337e073.jpg
Image Cochise Stronghold
Cochise Stronghold
Image refuge road
refuge road
Image black-backed woodpecker
black-backed woodpecker
Image Wyoming wind
Image earthquake damage
earthquake damage
Image Ferret Release
U.S. Fish and Wildlife employees carrying captive-bred black-footed ferrets walk to a reintroduction site.
Image glen canyon dam and bathtub ring
Glen Canyon Dam and the bathtub ring in 2008. Courtesy Benjamin Dumas via Flickr.
Image San Pedro River
San Pedro River and Galiuro Mountains.
Image Black-Footed Ferret
A black-footed ferret peers out from a prairie dog hole.
Image Golden Nugget
The golden rooster at John Ascuaga's Nugget Casino in Sparks, NV.
Image Permian Basin oil and gas
Oil wells dot the Permian Basin in New Mexico. Courtesy Flickr user Skytruth.
Image National forest outside Lake Tahoe, CA
National forest outside Lake Tahoe, CA
Image Wolf
Image goat
Photo courtesy Oregon Fish and Wildlife
Image Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument
Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument
Image Apis mellifera

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