Dreaming of an oily (and gassy) Christmas


Check out this scorching Mother Jones blog post from HCN freelancer Keith Kloor. Keith talked to a senior BLM official about the Bush administration's energy free-for-all in Utah:

Dennis Willis, a BLM manager in Utah who has worked for the agency for 30 years, told me he plans to retire effective January 2. For this reason, he was especially forthcoming in an email, which is worth excerpting at length:
What can I say that has not already been said? Just more of the same from a Department of the Interior that has no sense of ethics and no moral compass. It is like we are playing in some reality game show where deceit is just part of the game. Not good behavior for an organization that is managing the national heritage in trust for the public... Right now, BLM would make an omelette with California condor eggs if the oil and gas industry asked for breakfast ... We are leaving one hell of a legacy for future generations to deal with.

Also see Keith's HCN stories about more Utah shenanigans from the BLM, Dust on the Rocks and (Un)clearing the Air. And these other articles: Trashing the earth, and the truth, and our interview with another retired BLM official, "A BLM insider speaks."

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