Behind the fire headlines


With firefighter safety and the West's changing fire ecology on everyone's mind right now, it's a good time to broaden our view with a trip into the HCN archives. Below are links to some of the in-depth stories we've done on these issues.

Firefighter fatalities and safety

The Fiery Touch: Wildfire arsonists burn forests, grasslands and houses – and kill people. Now, one faces the death penalty. By John Maclean.

Notable cases of wildfire arson around the West. By Ray Ring and John Maclean.

The Golden Hour: A fatal accident spurs a brother’s crusade for better medical care on the firelines. By Neil LaRubbio.

Extinguished: Firefighters are dying for different reasons as the West’s wildfires become more extreme. By Arla Shepherd.

Forest and wildfire management

A Burning Problem: Why good policy and good intention won’t stop big wildfires. By Jodi Peterson.

Keepers of the Flame: Black Range District Fire Manager Toby Richards is returning fire to its natural place on New Mexico’s Gila National Forest – and leading the charge for fire use in the West. By Adam Burke.

What scientists are learning from wildfire in New Mexico in the wake of 2012’s big blaze in the Gila. By Neil LaRubbio.

Fire scientists fight over what Western forests should look like. By Emily Guerin.

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