ABC censors clean energy ad


Oil companies have bought influence in Washington and used that influence to make life easier for themselves and harder for their competitors. This may be a controversial statement, but it's not an unfounded one, given the amount of money the oil industry pours into politics and the regularity with which it gets its way in policy debates. It certainly has more basis in reality than the claims of your average political attack ad.

But it's apparently a claim that's too unfounded and controversial to make in an advertisement on ABC. That -- well, that plus a bizarre concern about using an image of the U.S. Capitol -- is why the TV network refused to air this ad, which the We campaign wanted to run during the September 26 episode of 20/20.

Think this is a bit ridiculous, especially when the oil companies are running their greenwashing ad campaigns on all the major TV networks? You could try giving ABC a call.

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