Schweitzer on Bloggers, energy and guns


"I wake up at 4 o'clock every morning and read all the blogs," said Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer, surrounded by reporters at the Big Tent Denver on Wednesday morning. "It's good to see what bloggers look like. And it ain't a pretty sight."

Though that comment drew a few groans, Schweitzer's visit to new media central was certainly well received. And, coming off a big speech at the Convention, he was in top form in a beaded bolo tie, big shiny belt buckle, jeans, and boots.

A few choice remarks:

1. On the polls and Barack Obama's chances: "People who study journalism don't study math at all... This is going to be the biggest landslide since LBJ."

2. On Western swing states: "McCain may lose Arizona. They do know him down there."

3. When asked, If Obama's going to win the West, what's the single most important issue he must address?: "Energy."

4. How will Obama do in Montana: "Right now it's tied. In Montana, we don't care about social issues. We like guns. Big guns. Little guns. Shotguns. Pistols. ... and we like to buy our guns at gun shows, because there's no paperwork." He went on to explain that usually this gives the Republicans an advantage in his state. But in this election, neither McCain nor Obama have stellar marks from the National Rifle Association (in the Senate, McCain tried to regulate gun shows). Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr, on the other hand, is an A+ student of the NRA. So, says Schweitzer, Barr could take a bunch of McCain's Republican votes in that state, swinging the state to Obama.

5. On his chances of winning in November (he's the favorite by a long shot): "It all depends on the health of my dog."

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