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Know the West

Freegin', part 2



We're still livin' large at the DNC while spending next to nothing.  Our gracious host baked us delicious, nutrition-packed apple muffins and she brews us coffee every morning (essential for our long and weary days... thanks, Jennifer!).

Yesterday, Andrea and I tried out Freewheelin -- a free bike sharing service that  helped us traverse downtown. No bus fare, no carbon emissions and no aching feet.  We just signed up, selected a bike and rode to our hearts' content. Faster transportation = more reporting.

We also scored free DNC t-shirts, a fanny-pack (!), chapstick and wet-naps at the Freewheelin tent.

We all managed to pick up free refreshments at the various events we attended, but Jonathan's free water from "I Hunt, I Fish, I Vote," sponsored by the National Wildlife Federation Action Fund, takes grand prize (see the liquid salvation water picture to the left).

Finally, Rob returned to the office this morning with a ladies baby tee from "smackdown your vote!" that proclaims "apathy sucks."  And Andrea found a lovely massage kit and a sleep mask somewhere between the Convention Center and our office -- both will surely come in handy as she recuperates from the convention madness.