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High Country News has a new website!
High Country News has a new website!
How and why we’ve changed it.
How much money is a healthy ecosystem worth?
Alaska’s Senate race and the fate of the West’s public lands
Alaska’s Senate race and the fate of the West’s public lands
Republicans look to Alaska in their bid to overtake the U.S. Senate.
Another win in the Wyoming Range
Conservationists announce buyout of 58,000 acres of oil and gas leases to protect wildlife habitat
Fear and loathing in San Juan County
Fear and loathing in San Juan County
Vandalism and threats play out against wilderness proponents in Utah's canyonlands
Marijuana politics
Pot legalization on the ballot in three Western states
Wild horses to the slaughter?
An investigation suggests the BLM is selling horses to a suspected kill buyer
Wilderness limited
Are humans adaptable to crowding and a loss of solitude, even in wilderness areas?
OPEC invades Hollywood!
The Heritage Foundation exposes a sinister, Arab nation-funded plot, that uses Matt Damon to destroy America's energy industry
New podcast: Fire & Brimstone
The backstory to our piece about a controversial new fire study, and a wildfire travelogue
Big dreams in a little town
A northern New Mexico hamlet may host a grand Innovation Center someday
Yes Virginia, there is poop in your well
EPA study ties dairies to water pollution in Washington
Rants from the Hill: Harvesting the Desert Shoe Tree
How a tree helped a little girl overcome her love of the Dodgers
The underwater gold rush
An Idaho Land Board decision thrusts suction dredging back into the public eye
The sound of pollution
Researchers convert air quality data into soundscapes
GOP risks much with its zeal to sell public estate
America’s public estate can be claimed as the legacy of both parties. In denying that legacy, the GOP is cutting its own throat
You get what you pay for
Federal energy subsidies make a big difference in which industries win and lose
Where's the beef?
In the future, it may be in a laboratory near you
Brigham Young the enlightened one
The "American Moses" may have been a theocratic, autocratic zealot, but he had his moments
CU public lands conference turns up a few nuggets
The Center for the American West's public lands conference gathered big names and a few insights
A horny problem
California case highlights illegal market for rhino horn
Cheer up, Melon Queen
Green River, Utah celebrates its two exports: melons and young people -- nice try, needs work
The redesigned travel website aims to be a one-stop shop for federal recreation sites.
Jaguar versus the copper mine
Jaguar versus the copper mine
Critical habitat for the cat could thwart Arizona's Rosemont mine
An audience for old Indians
Ute elder Roland McCook tells stories in Paonia
Enviros worry about Utah tar sands water pollution
Group challenges ruling exempting mine from water pollution monitoring
It's a hardrock life
A new strategy in the struggle to clean up abandoned mines
Home rule
City versus state in Colorado oil and gas fight
Is Lake Powell really shrinking?
Drought has dealt a blow to the reservoir, but it's not drying up yet
Antibacterial soaps in the backcountry
Safeguard or ineffective and possibly dangerous?
Pesticides and salmon: It ain't about the fish
Congress is short-sighted when it tries to add loopholes to the Farm Bill that remove clean water safeguards
How do you tell an invasive species from a natural colonizer?
In this age of pervasive human influence, it seems awfully difficult
Finding true north
The art exhibition "True North" explores environmental issues in the Land of the Midnight Sun
Convention rhetoric spotlights the ever-widening divide between Republicans and Democrats on the environment
From predator to prey
Wyoming's wolves are no longer endangered
Promise of the Sea
Wave-energy development gains ground in Oregon
Rinella aims for the impossible, scores a hit
Author, hunter and foodie Steven Rinella probes the question, when is it hunting right, and when is it wrong?
Rants from the Hill: Pleistocene rewilding
Lions and tigers and bears (in Nevada), oh my!
That sweet autumn air
After a hot, lazy summer, the animals start to stir
Hope on eight legs
The discovery of a new family of spiders is just one reason to feel optimism about the natural world
Chinook salmon come home to Elwha River
Native fish head upstream in wake of dam removal
New podcast, all about drought
An oral history of the 1950s drought, and a new study on the 2000 - 2004 drought, and how it stacks up against what we can expect in the future
El regreso de la tortuga grande
Billionaires do the work of land agencies
Label Battle
Opponents rally against effort to mandate labeling of genetically engineered foods in California
Reviewing how native peoples will deal with climate change
The book "Asserting Native Resilience" explores responses to a changing world
Romney energy plan more of the same
The GOP presidential candidate becomes the gajillionth politician to tout energy independence
Why is Utah so weird?
Google stereotypes the West
The two-wheeled stimulus plan
Can a big bike race make up for the loss of revenue in fire- and recession-battered towns?
Everything you thought you knew about camping is wrong
Everything you thought you knew about camping is wrong
Okay, maybe just some things
When Robert Redford speaks, I listen
A new documentary uses star power to tackle water issues in the West
A tale of two power plants
Rulings for haze reductions play out differently for two southwest power stations
Will Utah clean up its sale of public wildlife?
Sportsmen are growing fed up with a system that lets private organizations pocket millions off the state's wildlife
Desert solitaire: Las Vegas bets big on rural water
In the high stakes game of Western water supply, Las Vegas doubles down
Help us cover the New New West
We need your on-the-ground observations for our "communities in transition" beat
Don't let it burn
The Forest Service steps up fire suppression
Dam that methane
New research shows reservoirs may be a source of a potent greenhouse gas
Get on the bus
The West has more mass transit than you might expect. Why aren't more (rich) people using it?
Digital detox in the high Cascades
The digital revolution adds a new meaning to "getting away from it all."
Pipe conflict
Feds give go-ahead for controversial groundwater pipeline to feed Las Vegas
The cloud seeding believers
Southwest states drop dollars to make it snow in CO, WY and UT
Global warming, local politics
Los Angeles blazes new trails in climate adaptation
Talking mean with Hugh B. McKeen
Frank views from a hard-bitten rancher dealing with federal forest management near his land
Rants from the Hill: Beauregard puppy
Observations on the cheap virtues of an expensive dog
Report from Outdoor Retailer
In which an HCN editor wanders the gigantic gear show -- and finds out the latest about the industry's conservation strategy
Birkenstocks and Stetsons
Sustainable ranching isn't as new, or as alternative, as some Easterners might think
Buzz of the Undead
Scientists ask the public to help track a tiny fly that turns honeybees into zombies
Price matters
How the natural gas glut is rippling across the economies and landscapes of the West (with charts!)
From art as elegy to art as action
How do we grieve for nature that is no more?
Are big, severe wildfires normal?
A controversial new study challenged the conventional wisdom that mismanagement has led to bigger fires
West Coast trawlers spare the little fish
A new catch share program for groundfish appears to reduce the number of unwanted fish picked up in trawls
Harvesting versus hunting
Let's call killing animals what it really is, and discuss from there
New podcast: The ski industry and climate change
The industry should do more to address its biggest threat
The view from above
NASA's Landsat program provides unique scientific knowledge but has struggled recently with funding and mechanical problems
Republican hypocrisy on gun control ... and other musings
A caveman CEO and a frothing Range magazine also get dinged
A look inside a clean water regulator's mind
Why the EPA ignores factory farm pollution
Mutualism on the Colorado River
How water managers are like tubeworms
On droughts and fires past
Looking back can give us some perspective -- maybe even comfort -- in extreme times
Beetle Evolution
Tamarisk leaf beetle adapts to life in the Southwest
Documenting drought from the ground up
The Drought Impact Reporter collects the human stories behind severe drought
Wheels of change
A new policy for bikes on national park trails
Disney's Unlikely Heroine: The Huntress
Typically, Disney films feature unflattering stereotypes of brutish hunters and passive princesses. Brave is a delightful exception.
Got rabies: skunks are top carrier in Colorado
In parts of Colorado rabid skunks are on the rise, raising concerns about pet and livestock health.
What's up with conservation and the farm bill
Bye bye happy chickens and fresh fruit, hello crop insurance
Critical habitat under scrutiny
A study slams the FWS for failing to follow scientists’ recommendations on critical habitat
Seeing the (overcrowded) forest for the trees
Observing the profound transformation of the public lands we love
Grand Cacophony National Park?
A new law prevents the National Park Service from making the Grand Canyon quieter
A revision to our energy future
Conservationists will influence new energy corridors
New podcast: Sun Tunnels, hitchhiking, the modern hobo
Just in time for summer travel season, we spend this episode of West of 100 wandering the West
Getting serious about fresh water with Jay Famiglietti
The UC hydrologist points out how little we know about our water reserves
Dear monsoon, please materialize
Could the drought-wildfire cycle be even more vicious than we imagined?
Rants from the Hill: I brake for Rants
Experiments with the polemics of bumper stickers
Getting strange with land art
Watch a video that's just "a little too weird" for HCN editors!
Gas tracks
Railroads capitalize on the energy boom
Pipeline plans
A new report from NRDC says water-moving schemes may prove expensive and unreliable.
Putting the West on a low-carb(on) diet
The High Park fire and a clean energy economy
What the latest package of public lands bills says about the politics of conservation
It's not the two-headed fish
Deformed animals are a great way to get readers' attention, but the Simplot story has been mistold
Enjoying the wilderness
An impending Grand Canyon raft trip sparks appreciation for preservation, even in places we may never go
Friday news roundup: more wildfires and lizards
A pepper sprayed wolf and a plague on the wealthy
Old and foul-mouthed
A good rule of thumb for measuring pollution from power plants: the older, the dirtier
Aging mining law handcuffs the American West
Aging mining law handcuffs the American West
Tucson, Ariz., is joining the list of western cities getting shafted by the out-of-date 1872 General Mining Law.
Burn baby burn
New studies support the need for more fire in Southwestern forests.
Temporal shift
A changing climate forces glacier lilies and hummingbirds to fall out of step
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