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High Country News has a new website!
High Country News has a new website!
How and why we’ve changed it.
How much money is a healthy ecosystem worth?
Alaska’s Senate race and the fate of the West’s public lands
Alaska’s Senate race and the fate of the West’s public lands
Republicans look to Alaska in their bid to overtake the U.S. Senate.
Dam deal advances Bush's Klamath River agenda
Will salmon advocates win the battle for dam removal but lose the Klamath salmon war?
Public land for sale?
An old idea -- selling public land to pay down the national debt -- is circulating again.
Move over, chickens!
There's a new bird in town. Sage grouse farms on their way in Wyoming.
Will the slumping world economy slow the latest hardrock mining boom in the West?
A grizzly situation
Protected bears die -- thanks to careless humans.
Big money used to bring Musgrave down
Defenders of Wildlife dumped $1.6 million into Colorado race.
Water Banks, the ESA and the Public Trust Doctrine
A complex subject with vast implications for the West’s future.
The pundits are wrong
Three Western governors should not ascend to Obama's cabinet.
Ed Marston loses commissioner bid
Former HCN publisher falls with other Dems in Delta County.
Mormon Church wins on gay marriage
Voters write bans into California and Arizona constitutions.
Green state defeats green(ish) ballot measures
California not so hot on iffy renewable energy and alternative fuel measures, but they're okay with banning gay marriage.
Republicans seem tougher in Northern Rockies
Democrats in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming eke out a single U.S. House win.
Death of (another) red state
Colorado goes blue for the first time in more than 40 years.
California still true blue
No real surprises in the Dem-leaning Golden State's presidential or congressional races
The bluest of blue states
Democrats sweep New Mexico.
The Red Desert
The Dems campaigned til they were blue in the face, but Utah remains red.
Northwest races down to the wire
Oregon senate race, Washington CD8 still too close to call.
Nevada's swing to the left
The Democrats take Nevada, both on the state and national level.
Arizona stays red
Dems pick up one U.S. House seat, but no real surprises come out of McCain's home state.
The also-rans...
Not a good year for independent and third-party candidates.
The gun lobby's circular firing squad
Gun company president forced to resign after revealing his support for Barack Obama.
So goes the West?
As Democrats look to sweep New Mexico, is a sea change on the horizon in the rest of the West?
High noon for GOP moderates
Gordon Smith is one of several green Republicans in danger of losing their seats today.
Chris Cannon gets curiouser and curiouser
Lame-duck Utah congressman attempts to prove that Bill Ayers wrote Obama's memoir.
The West from 30,000 feet
A daytime flight reveals diverse landscapes and the hand of humankind on the land.
Orrin Hatch to the rescue
Utah senator warns against "worst legislation in history" under Dems' control.
No dam(n) difference?
Controversial study claims dams have little effect on salmon survival rates.
Goodbye, Tony Hillerman
Paying homage to the creator of Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee.
Obama gun ban redux
Get your guns, before Obama keeps you from getting them.
Repub rift deepens
McInnis says he could beat Udall (but more importantly ... )
Vote early, if not often
Now that my polling place is no longer across the street, early voting is a great way to avoid the long lines.
Why is “The Environment” not on the ballot?
There are few environmental initiatives on western ballots.
Mormons for Marriage
A growing number of Mormons are fighting back against their church's anti-gay-marriage campaign.
Is the Colorado Senate race over?
The national Republican party pulls its ads for Senate candidate Bob Schaffer.
Energy future: geothermal
Interior announces plan to make 190 million acres of Western federal land available for development.
The polls on Prop 8
Gay marriage in California hangs by a slender thread.
Crypto-Jews real?
New evidence that Jews fled to the Southwest during the Inquisition
Dove Creek Dreams
Change is coming to this corner of Colorado. It's yellow.
Unaccustomed attention
You know this is a strange year when your neighbors are being quoted in a New York Times story about the presidential election.
Winning the West
HCN has new widgets.
The wolf-go-round
District judge restores endangered status in Northern Rockies.
BLM steamrolls another protection for public lands
Proposed rule change could open door even wider for extractive industries in Bush's final days.
ABC censors clean energy ad
Saying that Big Oil buys influence is apparently not something you can do on prime-time TV.
Endangered species meltdown
Ignore climate change effects on listed species, says Bush administration.
Drill here, drill now: the music video
Country singer Aaron Tippin gives us a piece of his mind.
Plum Creek deal -- plumb wrong?
Watchdog office raises questions about secret road access deals.
GOP's Acorn fixation is downright nutty
Accusations of voter fraud in Nevada are getting overblown.
A guidebook we might use
We might need a new kind of outdoor guidebook if an outdoorsy drill-here drill-now U.S. Senate candidate gets his way.
Power to the people
Sevier County voters will decide the fate of a proposed coal-fired plant in November.
When spines aren't enough
Saguaros soon to be embedded with microchips.
Bureau of Land Ravagement?
The BLM has waived environmental review of energy projects thousands of times in Utah and Wyoming.
Why Western Wildfires are getting larger
The Forest Service says it's climate change, the timber industry says its lack of logging, others say it’s intentional.
What the election means for the Interior Department
A look at McCain and Obama's likely picks for Secretary of the Interior.
EPA reopens "National Libraries on the Environment"
Agency restores (some) access to vital scientific information.
Nothing left to lose
Contaminated lands could get second life through renewable-energy development.
Drilling setback in Nine Mile Canyon
BLM did not adequately assess potential damage to ancient rock art and archaeological sites.
How the federal election could impact public lands
Four more years of road deterioration? Or a concerted effort to address the problem?
Oil shale moratorium expires
Bush threatened veto of appropriations bill if Democrats wouldn't agree.
Do you live in a small town?
It isn't just population; it's also about whether drivers use their turn signals.
Roan battle rages on
As the BLM issued leases yesterday, environmental groups moved to block them.
Ground gaming the system
The polls may not accurately reflect the state of the presidential race in Colorado.
The bailout
Western congress members could have swung the vote.
Palin the hostile
Native lawyers decry her record on subsistence rights, sovereignty and voting.
Diamonds in the Rockies
A diamond mining company eyes Colorado's Front Range.
Keeping wolves out of trouble
Cleaning up dead cattle so that wolves don't learn to like beef.
Late aspen, early melting
Informal evidence of a warming climate.
The East is fracked
Shooting gnarly chemicals into the ground to release natural gas isn't just for the West anymore.
Out of the woods?
Rural counties afflicted by federal logging cutbacks may soon get help.
As goes the Red Planet, so goes the West?
Missions to Mars -- a waste of money, or a taste of what's to come?
Indentured servitude in the pines
Forest Service contractors are abusing immigrant workers.
Palin the predator
Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund highlights Alaska governor's promotion of wolf-killing.
Pigs and politics
Pigs may not be part of our daily lives, but they're certainly part of our daily discourse.
Lipstick on a Cheney
Why the gun-totin', drill-happy Sarah Palin won't win the West.
The Palin Effect
New Mexico was looking good for Obama, but post-RNC it's drifting back to the center.
MMS does Denver
Sex, drugs, and sleazy oil deals. Who says D.C. has all the good scandals?
Mark Udall's gonna steal your water!
Because water-quality regulation is a giant water grab, at least according to Bob Schaffer.
Colorado gas commission backpedals on drilling rule
Industry PR blitz seems to have paid off.
Fending off the gold diggers
Colorado counties stand to lose control of mining operations.
The delegates and the ghost of Teddy R.
The Westerners I met at the RNC all described themselves as conservationists. What gives?
To our friends at
In which I throw down the gauntlet on clean-coal schwag.
Getting enough outside time?
For Palin, the glories of Alaska seem to exist mostly in Photoshop.
Palin's identity politics
VP pick tries to convince rural America to vote for one of its own.
Score one for whistleblowers
A former BLM staffer will get back pay and benefits after the agency illegally canned him for speaking out.
You mean drill in St. Paul?
Convention attendee advocates a little-known oil and gas field.
Pickens pitches his plan
Texas oil billionaire tries to convince Republicans that the West is the "Saudi Arabia of wind energy."
The future of the Idaho GOP?
A college Republican's 15 minutes of pro-drilling YouTube fame.
Ron Paul rallies in the Twin Cities
Ron Paul, darling of libertarians in the West, is holding his own damn convention.
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New GOP tax policy?
Alaska's tax-and-spend
Lions and tigers and anarchists, oh my!
Republican convention-goers think the Twin Cities are a scary place.
Environmental swing voters? Nah.
Defeated Senate candidate doesn't think the environment means much to New Mexicans.
Guerilla blogging the RNC
That's right, HCN is covering the other convention.
Environmental swing voters? Nah.
Defeated Senate candidate doesn't think the environment means much to New Mexicans.
Video: Coalition rallies for peace
Iraq Vets Against the War march with other anti-war groups to the convention.
Obama takes second best
A Wyoming native's passioned indictment of the oil and gas industry.
A view of Obama from the West
Stadium political-fest gets a couple of New Mexicans fired up
Stegner at the DNC?
Mark Udall on the big stage.
Rocking the Native vote
American Indians comprise a significant proportion of eligible voters in the Western swing states. Can they help swing them for Obama?
A seat at the policy table
American Indians work with the Obama campaign to raise the visibility of native issues.
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