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High Country News has a new website!
High Country News has a new website!
How and why we’ve changed it.
How much money is a healthy ecosystem worth?
Alaska’s Senate race and the fate of the West’s public lands
Alaska’s Senate race and the fate of the West’s public lands
Republicans look to Alaska in their bid to overtake the U.S. Senate.
A change is gonna come
Corporations take heed of "local."
West's ATV carnage, part 2
Latest deaths include a 10-year-old boy, a 16-year-old girl and a deputy.
Snowbowl Redux: The Question of Balance
When a reporter tries to erase his own bias, it's possible to go too far.
The "Bennett Thaw", at last
A decades-old tribal development ban is finally ended.
Beyond adventure porn
The 5 Point Film Festival seeks deeper meaning in recreation.
John Sutter's paramour was named Manuiki
Bet you didn't know this about the Gold Rush.
New Ag-Jobs bill hits Congress
Help for growers and workers in the fields?
Jaguars A to Z
The Arizona Star has compiled great jaguar coverage.
Poor Lake Powell
Dreams of a full reservoir dashed again
New grazing technology might save streams
Cattle drink with less impact.
Dancing to the Tohono O'odham polka
Waila music is a combo of indigenous and European influences.
Get to know the locals
From Encana and the Colo. Division of Wildlife: a video for oil and gas workers.
How the rightwingers hold Interior hostages
Utah's Sen. Bennett caught in bind.
Gratuitous displays of ignorance
Online discussions about Native American issues can be disturbing.
Western Imagery
Do photos teach us how to look at our home country?
Notes from el Mundo Nuevo
Surveying the world's disorder from a migrant dump site near Tucson.
No conspiracy in Libby, despite hundreds of deaths
That's what the jury says.
The cost of progress
Five extraordinary women tested for seventy-five peculiar toxins.
Obama's Forest Service nominee is a surprise
Mississipian to run Western empire?
Pika power-downer
Feds may extend protections to most adorable animal ever
Portland's crystal ball
In Oregon, land planners look five decades into the future
Special Interest or Public Interest ?
The larger context of Obama's Interior Department appointments
Some Mormons baptized Obama’s dead mother
The church doesn't condone it.
Deadly efficiency
The All-American Canal finally lives up to its name.
Kickstarting salmon salvation?
Obama administration makes new moves for endangered fish
Blocked by concrete or killed by climate?
Will hydro dams save salmon?
Water world
Exploring the planet’s most precious resource – on Hopi terms.
Desert disappearances
The bodies of two missing explorers have been found in Utah.
Watch falcons nesting high in downtown Boise
Peregrines star in live webvideo.
Camelina, Montana's wonder crop?
It could provide jet fuel, cattle feed, and antioxidants -- and it doesn't need much water.
Despite vandalism, road stays closed
The area also appears to get more visitors.
When it blows, the snow goes
Spring dust storms speed up snowmelt
Idaho-style reality TV
It would include a bumpersticker that says "Potatoes Suck."
Of Gods and Sea Kittens
What a piece of work is fish!
After the crash
When the economic meltdown ends, will the West be permanently changed?
"The Darth Vader of forest policy"
A chat with Mark Rey, former head of the Forest Service.
The line is busy
Folks who need unemployment benefits in Colorado can't get through.
Blue jeans and their critics
Fashion advice from the East Coast.
Watts or Wildfire
Southern California utility stirs up controversy by asking rate payers to choose.
Waste, fraud and abuse
Farm conservation programs fail to deliver conservation benefits.
Ex-congressman dies in Utah ATV crash
It's more evidence that off-road driving is dangerous fun.
Water, wine and marijuana
Illegal water use conflicts percolate on California’s Northcoast.
Single-celled solar
Scientists are using diatoms to capture sunlight.
...and SPAM!
Score one for Grand Staircase-Escalante
Denver court tosses Utah counties' appeal.
Tea Party Day is coming
Just what are they upset about, besides the income tax?
Subterranean seltzer water
Study sheds new light on natural C02 storage.
Your turn, our turn
Discuss parks, recreation, and conservation issues amongst Generation Y.
It takes a village...
to raise a library.
California's Central Water War Heats Up
Irrigators and allies will march April 14-17
Battle for justice in Libby might collapse quietly
And green groups barely notice.
The Water Theft Bill
Coalbed methane companies have all the fun.
Montana wrestles nation's boldest gun-rights bill
And a few Republicans provide the key opposition to it.
A fine feathered re-do
Obama administration plans to revise spotted owl plan
The whites are back in town
...and the minorities are rockin' the suburbs.
The irony of home brew
Now it's legal in Utah.
Sage grouse robot video!
It gives the bird's-eye view of eccentric scientists as well.
Outlaws with guns
Across the Mexican border, gun control is eroded by smuggling from the U.S.
Climate change is easy money
Ranchers cut right to the chase.
James Herriot, we need you
Large-animal vets are in critically short supply.
A flick of the wrist...
The Navajo-Gallup Water Project is on its way.
Was our last wild jaguar euthanized by mistake?
Macho B might not have had kidney disease, says a pathologist.
Newsitos for 3/28/09
Bleeding wolf package, inferior salmon, Obama vs Indian health, and Sen. Reid vs polygamy.
Some 'stimulus' may be bad for environment
For instance, billions for new roads = more drivers spewing out emissions.
Organic farmers?
Newsitos for 3/26/09
Green champagne, eagle bust, backroom Mormon politics, and latest killer bees.
Paranoia, helicopters, herbicides
Texans file lawsuit to stop Border Patrol's toxic spraying.
Western Repubs remain split as Omni wilderness deals pass
And even as the Big Greens cheer, a few Greens criticize it.
Fire from the faucet
Colo. residents find methane in their kitchen sinks.
Is the San Andreas slipping?
A bunch of little quakes provoke some big worries.
Slums and tent cities
An urban planner's dream?
Salmon and pesticides
Pesticide cocktails prove extra deadly.
Newsitos for 3/23/09
Links to a leading Western Repub, a YouTube energy czar, a nuke map and a lone wolverine.
"Suns and pulsing moons" of content
HCN's former online editor nominated for sci-fi prize.
Newsitos for 3/20/09
Links to stories about birds, the Omni, a top ecologist and guns.
Western states flex various Congressional muscles
Some look wimpy but might not be.
Thank you, BLM
One short local route improves when it's closed to motorized vehicles.
Salvaging the "Fire Service"
Congress gives the FLAME Act another go.
Colorado's job bias complaints soar
State triples the national rate over the past five years.
Paper exercise or real progress?
Is Critical Habitat designation worth the effort?
Enviros suffer first major setback in Obama era
And this battle -- over a huge public-lands law -- reveals shifts in Western politics.
Restorationists gather in Santa Cruz
Signs of movement maturity are on the increase.
The Native health gap
Death rates climb in Indian Country.
Fatal Attraction?
Thousands of migratory tree bats killed by wind turbines.
The "tyranny of fleece"
Diversifying the environmental movement and actually making progress.
Shale tests the waters
Upper Colorado claim draws out the stakeholders.
Crossed purposes in Wyoming?
New carbon capture rules in the land of coal, and gas, and...
Mixed messages
Gas drilling buoys the economy ... or not.
My pet gripe
False claims, fact checking and modern journalism.
Endangered Species Act restored
Bush era rules overturned.
Requiem for a jaguar
The life -- and death -- of Macho B.
Western water woes
HCN editor interviewed.
A loss for Klamath dam and water deals
Changes in dam operations to mitigate terrible water quality are now likely
Tell me sweet little lies...
Doublespeak in the bottled water industry.
Power Shift 2009
Youth to Congress: "bold climate and clean energy policy," please.
Wind power and wildlife don't mix
Nature Conservancy releases Montana study.
The rich black allure
Obama administration discards Bush oil shale leases; plans for its own.
Fueling the fire in Mexico
Dealers on this side of the border provide guns to drug cartels south of the border.
The big, bad, brucellosis-spreading wolf?
Wyoming lawmakers say wolves may transmit disease to cows.
If you can't beat 'em, shoot 'em.
Idaho proposal to cull Lolo-area wolves is back before the feds.
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