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High Country News has a new website!
High Country News has a new website!
How and why we’ve changed it.
How much money is a healthy ecosystem worth?
Alaska’s Senate race and the fate of the West’s public lands
Alaska’s Senate race and the fate of the West’s public lands
Republicans look to Alaska in their bid to overtake the U.S. Senate.
This Week's HCN Reader Photo
High Country News picks a favorite photo from our reader-submitted Flickr pool.
Birdwatching in the desert
Almost everything that occurs in the desert is ignored. All of it sizzles with meaning.
Friends of the Forest
Volunteers, corporate sponsors work to restore Clear Creek watershed.
Seeing the Forest for the... Wildlife?
Little-noticed court ruling has a big impact
The health care debate comes home
Reflections on a town hall meeting in Southwest Oregon.
Rural renaissance redux
USDA predicts another influx of Baby Boomers
Clash along the Columbia
Oregon tribes bicker over rights along the Columbia River.
Why West?
Why Obama turned his health care road show westbound.
Clearcutting and climate change
The Center for Biological Diversity challenges California’s largest timber company.
Obama does Montana … and vice versa
A personal view of the scenes.
Obama in Grand Junction
Whipped-up right wing plans show of opposition.
Necessary Journeys
Backpacking in the desert along the U.S.-Mexico border is seldom about recreation.
A culture of violence
As gang activity escalates in Indian Country, lawmakers scramble to address the issue.
On the upper Clark Fork River
On Rivers and Ranching: Superfunds and the Ranching Life
A bear ate my old landlord?!
HCN staffer Tammy York talks about basement living and close encounters of the wild kind
Natural gas, the miracle fuel!
After a flurry of industry lobbying, Dems and greens get gassy.
Stimulus funding targets irrigation efficiency
$125 million for watershed projects.
Don't feed the animals
Fatal black bear attack is only third on record in Colorado.
Welcome to the Grange!
HCN has a new, community-oriented blog.
A Solar Plant a Tortoise Could Love
Could eSolar's Sierra SunTower help to end the Mojave land wars?
Bribery slips under the border
Increasing corruption on U.S. side of the line.
West Nile figures trickling in
10 cases of encephalitis/meningitis reported in the West.
A pleasing discovery
The truth about eastern Oregon
HCN's favorite Tweeple
You may despise Twitter. But it can be valuable.
"Impossible to remain silent"
Documentary to showcase effects of oil and gas drilling in the West.
The rural West, on clearance
Agricultural land values plunge in the mountain West.
California sun and spray
State reviews heat stress for farmworkers, and pesticide use.
Crossroad at the foot of a mountain
Single moments can stand like geologic features, ridges that divide endings from beginnings.
Fire and Smoke
Forest Service responds to criticism but will anything really change?
Let it burn?
Colorado town rejects fire-safety ordinance.
Obama enviros
A list of influential environmentalists who are in -- or very close to -- the Obama administration.
The latest buzz
Honeybees are still disappearing -- but scientists think they know why.
Population: 6.9 billion and counting
Humankind continues its relentless march toward one square meter per person.
Princes and paupers
California state parks take budget cuts, while its national forests rake in the dough.
Social justice hits the road
Cross-country trek raises awareness for homeless LGBT youth.
More on forest power plays
Another critical enviro, a timber analyst and a radio show weigh in.
Honoring the forgotten
Remains of three “Buffalo Soldiers” laid to rest.
End of an exodus?
Arizona businesses suffer as Mexican immigration slows.
Uranium tangle, two years later
Residents of Weld County, Colo., continue to fight a uranium mine proposed in their backyards.
Twilight bites into Forks
Popular vampire book series transformed the timber town.
Navajo Nation passes green jobs legislation, 62-1
First tribe to set structure and policy for sustainable economy.
A dismal future for tourism?
If Hal Rothman was right about Las Vegas, harder times loom in the West
Fossil Creek fracas
Arizona creek suffers from lack of funds and plans.
WOPR goes down in flames
Department of Interior withdraws BLM’s controversial Southern Oregon logging plan
A farmer's wilderness deal
Loggers and motorheads get their cut in Montana Sen. Tester's bill.
A dam marvel
A monolithic bridge over the Colorado River is nearing completion.
Wild horses gone wild
Tribes and the BLM struggle to manage growing wild horse populations.
"Organic mecca" organizes against GMO sugar beets
Boulder County, Colorado open space targeted for genetically modified crops.
Not out of the woods
Environmental impact of proposed art project remains to be seen.
Numbers for the Birds
Quantifying the economic benefits of wildlife
Food fight
"Watch what you eat" takes on a whole new meaning.
NW Renewables: Infrastructure needed
Experts say that transmission bottlenecks stifle alt energy boom in northwest.
Species viability on national forests preserved!
Court decision deals another defeat to Bush Administration efforts to increase logging of public forests
Pre-season politics
Election season sparring gets an early start in New Mexico.
Enviro infighting on forest deal
2 more greens sound off against Beaverhead-Deerlodge Partnership.
Still stuck in traffic
Congested western cities won't get much relief from stimulus spending.
Brewer's budget battle
Arizona gov and legislature slug it out over state budget.
An old idea reborn
The West's curious transportation corridors don't serve the West.
Will money talk?
California's financial crisis may push lawmakers to legalize and tax pot sales.
Duwamish not dead
Fight for federal recognition of Seattle’s first tribe far from over.
6,000 years without enviro laws
What happens when you combine uranium, creationism and Arizona politicians?
Condor quandary
Condor experts slam California development plan.
Roughing it the easy way
Oregon State Parks offer more than the standard tent and RV sites for campers.
Blue horses: riding on moonlight
A dimly lit moment throws a bright light on the past.
The glorious Fourth
Marking life's milestones with smalltown festivities.
Three strikes for the Forest Service
Bush-era planning rules struck down again, but change is still needed.
Alternative alternative energy in the West
Assistant Editor Sarah Gilman chats about HCN's summer special issue
Catch a falling drop
Colorado legalizes some rain-water harvesting
Wilderness Dedux
Public Land legislation passed during the Bush Presidency was unprecedented. A new book explores the phenomenon.
Fracking, fracing or fraccing?
We know what it is, but how do we spell it?
Kitten caboodle
Colorado's reintroduced lynx finally start having babies again
Mountain people
What makes a "mountain person"? It's not about climbing.
Off-road clampdown in the West
Interview with assoc. editor Jodi Peterson
Beaver and restoration - the rest of the story
To restore western watersheds the health of forest soil must also be restored.
Airports killing wildlife to prevent accidents
Geese in New York City, prairie dogs in Colorado bite the dust.
What dreams shale come
A new report, and the inevitability of shale development.
Going it alone
Threatened by climate change, Alaskan native villages receive little help from the federal government.
An end to the "Snow War"?
The Supreme Court chooses not to stop an Arizona ski center from making snow on Native Americans' sacred mountain.
Landscapes of power
HCN Road Trip: Day 1
2008 wildfire redux
Forest Service rhetoric meets on-the-ground reality.
Adobe Town drilldown
More energy development planned for Wyoming's Red Desert
Government hunters become poachers?
And the government hunter who reported it loses his job
What the FRAC do we know?
Congress introduces two bills to oversee hydraulic fracturing.
A woolly problem
Can wild bighorn sheep and domestic sheep share the range?
Unprecedented poaching in California
Not only for profit, but for "sport."
Is humanitarian aid really "littering"?
Should humanitarian workers be prosecuted for leaving water in the desert?
Sunshine and water
Some solar-powered generating plants need lots of water
Whoosh! Down it comes!
State of the Gunnison River meeting.
No entrance fees
...for a limited time only.
Mixups over tribal IDs
New laws bring confusion, problems for tribal members.
May Bats Prevail
Study suggests that wind turbines can be managed to minimize bat death.
Give me your huddled masses...
...but send your sick back to Mexico.
Salmon scuffle
Federal agency and author disagree on High Country News story
BLM's unheroic response to civil disobedience
Two cases of lawbreaking-as-protest show that the BLM in Utah is out of touch with the times.
Adopt a stimulus project
ProPublica seeks to collaborate with citizen journalists.
Confessions of a trespasser
Another development along the way.
False Claims Virus on the loose!
Is it just westerners or are all humans prone to local/regional exaggeration?
In salty, seaside beaver ponds...
...endangered salmon thrive.
"The Sportsman's Park Service"
The newest system of public lands finally becomes permanent.
From Gitmo to Montana?
A town with an empty new prison needs the payroll
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