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High Country News has a new website!
High Country News has a new website!
How and why we’ve changed it.
How much money is a healthy ecosystem worth?
Alaska’s Senate race and the fate of the West’s public lands
Alaska’s Senate race and the fate of the West’s public lands
Republicans look to Alaska in their bid to overtake the U.S. Senate.
Saving Tortoises one Student at a Time
Urban and underserved students learn to photograph and preserve desert fauna
A Western Town, Contaminated
Notes from a Montana town soaked in mining poisons
Reader Photo - Red Aspen Leaves
HCN reader photos show the multicolored hues of fall in the West.
Snodgrass slowdown
Feds reject a controversial Colorado ski area expansion
Big Ag wins big in California
Water legislation could pave the way for future water grabs
Veteran namesakes
The curious naming of Army forts
An impossible Shangri-la
Another grandiose resort plan bites the dust.
When Consensus Doesn't Mean Consensus
BYU scientists rebuke Utah lawmakers for paying too much heed to climate deniers.
The case of the missing binders
Development plans in Kittitas County take a bizarre turn.
Bluegrass in red rock country
HCN interns make a weekend visit to Moab.
Back at the Table, Again
Washington State reevaluates its logging regulations to prioritize forest preservation, but many challenges lie ahead.
"A deeply troubled idea from the start"
Valles Caldera's experiment in public lands management isn't working out as planned.
Can a border wall ever truly be removed?
Even when border walls disappear, they leave a legacy of wildlife disruption and habitat fragmentation.
Reader Photo: Ice on Hall Mountain
Is it winter yet? This week's HCN reader photo points to yes.
Commitment issues
White House pledges further collaboration with tribes, but is it enough?
Coming soon to MTV: The Oilfield Blowouts
This has got to be the weirdest thing I've seen today.
Mules aren't burros
Writers don't seem to know there's a difference
Indian Eco-battles
A series by the Arizona Republic covers the fight between tribal economy and ecology interests in Arizona.
Wanna hunt here? Just sign this petition
Landowners limit hunter access -- to protest gov. policies
All Science is Political
The public, scientists, and land managers need to discuss the political aspects of science.
Poisoned plains
EPA considers approving rodenticide Kaput-D.
A Halloween Horror
American Indian Halloween costumes scare a new Indian father.
More gas, less grouse
Study predicts fewer sage grouse as energy development increases
The debate that drags on
The Indian Health Care Improvement Act has been pending since 1999.
The Delta Blues
California’s Water Buffaloes appear poised for another water grab
Reader Photo - Basque Dancers
Basque Dancers at the Trailing of the Sheep Festival in Idaho - an image of the West's cultural diversity.
New Zealand professors calculate pets' impacts on the environment.
Cold War clean-up
Atomic dump in New Mexico gets stimulus funds for clean-up project.
Well hell, continued
Drinking water wells in the Lower Yakima Valley pump "toilet bowl" water. Ick.
Recession blessings
Hard times may kill major resort project
More on that big sucking sound from Vegas
High Country News editor Jonathan Thompson talks pipelines with KUNC's Kirk Siegler
HCN Reader Photo: Yellowstone Thermal Pool
This week's reader photo - a thermal pool in Yellowstone with supersaturated colors, taken on film.
Utah climate clash
For the first time, Utah lawmakers will hear testimony on climate change from (gasp!) a climatologist.
Resilience, not sustainability
Getting past a modern buzzword
Clean(er) coal?
Turning coal into natural gas -- underground.
The high risk of leaving home
Most wolves seeking new turf end up dead.
Can salmon save themselves?
Biologists see signs that some fish may be evolving to survive in dammed rivers.
Tepid statistics as the planet burns
Business as usual in the face of climate change.
Native voting rights and the West
Are Western states more likely to discriminate against Indian voters?
Reader Photo: Angel Peak
Angel Peak in sepia-tone antique photo style
New Pew database tracks government subsidies
The West is getting more than its fair share
Time for the cows to come home
Autumn is cattle drive time, when winter management of the herd begins.
Good reading
Environmentalism, politics, and population trends
Tapping into methane
Coal mines may be able to turn waste greenhouse gas into energy.
The changing face of the West
HCN joins other journalists for a live discussion of energy, politics and wilderness in the West.
Harvesting grievances
Obama administration officials address complaints from Western farmers.
Wolf victory still elusive
Wolf hunt is illegal and premature.
Snowpacks melting sooner
Stirring up dust makes the snow melt faster
California's State Parks: No New Closures
Governor unveils "fantastic news" for all Californians -- except park staff slated to lose their jobs.
Center for Biological Diversity shows the way
Forest Partnerships which honor bedrock laws and public trusts are possible
Butte Pacific
On Superfund and the ranching life.
Claws out for big cat protection
AZ Game and Fish sued over jaguar death.
HCN reader photo: Dead television
This week's pic pick.
Plastic bags plague the Bay
Have you ever wondered what happens to those plastic bags that float aimlessly through the streets?
Is the Pioneer doomed?
A feasibility study on reinstating the Amtrak route comes in at nearly half a billion dollars.
Light bulbs and big government
What kinds of lighting are legal?
Taxing the logic of tribal health benefits
Another weird glitch in the Indian Health Service.
Relocation is a loaded term
EPA relocates seven Navajo families living near Church Rock, New Mexico.
Exempting Native Americans from the mandate
Why Indians shouldn't have to buy health insurance.
Sen. Baucus' healthcare plan
Montana Dem tries to be bipartisan and fails to please anyone.
Bright sunshiny day
Arizona's solar industry is finally picking up steam.
Lawless future indeed
California says its planned park closures carry big risks.
"We all blew it"
Did white environmentalists fail Van Jones?
The long dark tea time of the split estate
Feds may finally begin contacting landowners when they lease mineral rights under their property.
'Tis the season
Are our fall colors peaking later?
Viva la Fiesta
Santa Fe celebrates the 85th burning of Zozobra.
Back to the future: Public Health hospitals
Time to look back at effective government health programs.
Vilsack calls for “change”
But can the Obama administration deliver?
Indian Country & health care reform
On the need to align Medicare and the Indian health care system.
The Cheney International Center
Former Veep is heckled at University of Wyoming dedication.
Obama enviros now total 34
Harris Sherman, nominated as Forest Service's boss, is latest sign of green politics.
Victorious in Victor
Idaho school wins international classroom design competition.
Phenology and the Mojave Desert
How climate change affects the desert's rhythms.
What's it like looking out for hundreds of firefighters in Interior Alaska? Hopefully ho-hum enough to snuggle up with a good book.
It Happened in the Shrubbery
Myth-busting Southern California's Station Fire
Obama's speech to students
Since when is a call to work hard and stay in school "indoctrination"?
"Nuclear whack-a-mole"
Utah goes to court against nuclear waste company EnergySolutions.
Ray Ring's "Affirmative actions"
Color and Class Bias in the Environmental Movement
Big Horn Betrayal
A 204-point ram, an undercover agent and Montana's Fish, Wildlife and Parks department.
Hunters become the hunted
Wolf season opens in Idaho.
Thunderstorm in late August
On Rivers and Ranching: Superfunds and the Ranching Life
State Parks Spread the Wealth
When city dwellers seek refuge in nature, they also boost rural economies
HCN Reader Photo: Pronghorns in Montana
HCN's reader Flickr photo of the week
The River Dry
Drought, climate change and reservoir-depletion risk on the Colorado River.
Today's best fire pics
Wildfires are scary, but they sure do make for good photography.
Summer's almost over (and fire season is here)
The West is burning, from California to Colorado
Eenie meenie (money) moe
Stimulus funds arbitrarily handed to border projects.
When a step aside was 'a godsend'
On Ted Kennedy and Indian health care.
Funding to fight domestic violence
Obama administration makes Indian law enforcement a priority.
Still Trout Fishing in America
John Muir once said food in the mountains offers nourishment that nutritionists know nothing about. The author agrees.
Down and out
New Mexico farm workers fight for their rights.
Milk: It doesn't always do a body good
A comprehensive list of dairy accidents and deaths in the West
Fighting the fire
Safety measures for wildland firefighters have improved, but a changing environment still poses threats.
Pot season in the parks
Legalize it, part two.
Classroom innovation
Small Idaho school is finalist for international design competition.
Nestle water plan approved
Colorado county approves proposal to tap springs for bottled water
It’s a great job (except for the benefits)
A journalist explores the health care debate through the lens of Indian health care.
Huge Chunks of Land, Changing Hands
Dismal timber, real-estate markets don't get in the way of huge timberland selloff
"Don't lie for the other guy"
Border campaign warns against buying guns for smugglers.
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