Items by Judith Lewis Mernit

Balancing Nevada
A state's special legislative session gets ugly
Just in Time for Christmas: Itsy-Bitsy Solar PV
What if you could sprinkle solar cells on your hat?
California's State Parks: No New Closures
Governor unveils "fantastic news" for all Californians -- except park staff slated to lose their jobs.
It Happened in the Shrubbery
Myth-busting Southern California's Station Fire
State Parks Spread the Wealth
When city dwellers seek refuge in nature, they also boost rural economies
A Solar Plant a Tortoise Could Love
Could eSolar's Sierra SunTower help to end the Mojave land wars?
Is the San Andreas slipping?
A bunch of little quakes provoke some big worries.
Yucca Mountain Death Watch
Nuke industry to Obama: Got another idea?
Budget crisis stalls conservation
California freezes bond-funded grants -- many of them meant to fund environmental projects
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