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Dear Friends
Mountainsmith supports HCN; visitors from La Mision; corrections; our new look
Dear Friends
HCN’s new look!; summer interns Rosemary Winters and Stephanie Tidwell; HCN potluck and board meeting in Paonia
Dear Friends
Two weeks to redesign launch; HCN’s April Fool’s succeeds in fooling Dubois; corrections: national monuments have been overturned
The Latest Bounce
BLM announces new policy for approving oil and gas permits; black bear hunt still on in New Mexico; court says water from coalbed methane wells is "industrial waste," Colorado gets rights to water from Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park; Interior
New Mexico’s new governor must reckon with history
Probably no other Western state is as deeply fractured as New Mexico, with its complex mix of Indian, Hispanic and Anglo cultures and their long, turbulent history
Dear Friends
Scratch the metamorphosis bit; Team HCN at Race to Stop Global Warming; and spring visitors
Dear Friends
Your chance to weigh in on the redesign; Deb French is new outreach director; and Betsy and Ed Marston are still here
The best restoration tools are fangs and claws
The memory of an encounter with a grizzly in Glacier National Park leads to thoughts about the place large predators have in the West
Dear Friends
Fear and loathing in HCNland: Readers react to HCN’s planned redesign
Dear friends
February board meeting in wintry Fort Collins, Colo.; thanks for helping our Spreading the News Campaign; we can’t get away with anything (corrections & emendations)
Dear Friends
Melting ice reveals archaeological treasures; postcards from the edge; congratulations; Farley Shelden dies; visitors; tune in to Radio HCN; and stimulate minds & bodies with HCN in your coffeeshop
Dear Friends
Survey results are in; HCN gets a makeover; new interns Sierra Standish and Jess Toubman
Dear Friends
A blizzard of mail; keeping us on our toes; more corrections
Dear Friends
A town reborn; the HCN torch is passed; whoops! And see you next year.
Dear friends
Kiss a super idea (Superfund) goodbye; more election reflection; visitors; correction and apology; and hello to Utah, radio station KUER.
Break open the gates
Gated communities; HCN calls readers; visitors; gripes & gun-totin' Democrats
Asking hard questions
Whitman College students ask HCN hard questions; more visitors; congratulations to Don Sampson, Rebecca Clarren, Gretchen Nicholoff and Rita Murphy.
Lassoing the West's polital winds
Tim Egan speaks at HCN Seattle board meeting; Ed Marston steps aside; correction; Betsy Offermann obituary
Balancing act, part 2
California's balancing act, part 2; fall interns Jamie McEvoy and Joshua Zaffos; Visitors; correction and credit due; and a message to Iraq.
Balacing act
California's balancing act; new staffers JoAnn Kalenak, Denise Massart-Isaacson April Reese & Laura Paskus; staffers Robyn Morrison and Gretchen Aston-Puckett change jobs; congratulations - and thanks.
Breaking all the rules
Breaking all the rules, HCN writes about local coalbed methane story; Visitors; interesting mail about enviro "psychohistory"; no Centennial Hotel in Elko; HCN goes to Seattle for board meeting, potluck
Dear Friends
Drought story brings rain; here's to our readers; visitors; HCN bids a fond farewell to staffers Anne Miller and Marion Conger Stewart.
Dear Friends
Delta County, Colo., says mostly "no" to coalbed methane; summer visitors; Radio HCN update; Jon Christensen wins Stanford fellowship.
A river on the line
A journey down the Lower Rio Grande through Texas and Mexico finds a sometimes-waterless river that faces a host of environmental, agricultural and human problems.
Here lies the Rio Grande
The last issue of the "Imagine a River" series on the Rio Grande examines how the river has become the "Rio Wimpy," running out of water twice before it reaches the Gulf of Mexico.
Bringing back the bosque
Along New Mexico's Middle Rio Grande, pueblo tribes are working to bring back the disappearing bosque - the cottonwood gallery forest that once lined the river, offering habitat, shade and leafy bounty to a dry landscape.
The Rio Grande's unsung diplomat
Rafter and river advocate Steve Harris tries to work with local farmers to preserve the Rio Grande in New Mexico.
High Country News: Friend or foe?
HCN's associate publisher tries to explain why the paper sometimes prints Writers on the Range columns that readers - and even staff - find wrong-headed or foolish.
Dear Friends
Ed and Betsy Marston are back from teaching journalism in Berkeley, Calif.; Jay Knight lends HCN a sculpture of a bison by Tim Shay.
Dear Friends
Feedback from readers' surveys; Jon Margolis apologizes for booboo; the many lives of Mark Matthews.
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