Items by Greg Hanscom

Dear friends
Blake Chambliss walks for affordable housing; visitors; farewell to Charlie Butcher; corrections
Dear friends
HCN’s summer break; potluck in Carbondale, Colo.; HCN’s ad policy, real estate ads and special land-trust ad section; reader response; thanks for May fund-raiser in Salt Lake City; clarifications and corrections
A chance for redemption
The lead essays in this issue find both darkness and hope in the times we live in, and in the reminder that all civilizations – including our own – eventually crumble and fall
Dear Friends
HCN’s May board meeting; good news for the paper; some readers upset about political stories; scientist Theo Colborn speaks; Mary Sojourner to read in Hotchkiss, Colorado
Dear Friends
Lyman Orton of the Vermont Country Store and the Orton Family Foundation visits; Dianne Dumanoski talks about global warming; Krissy Clark wins Golden Reel broadcasting award for a Radio HCN feature
Rednecks and hippies unite!
The small-town politics of a place like Paonia, Colo., are a microcosm of the nation today, revealing deep political divisions and a kind of winner-takes-all arrogance on the part of those in power
The Bush administration is outsourcing to private contractors jobs formerly done by employees of federal agencies, among them the job of the Forest Service Content Analysis Teams (CATs) – the people who receive and report the comments of the public. The
Dear friends
Avalanches in Telluride, heat wave in Paonia; congratulations to Ed and Betsy Marston for John Wade Award; Ken Sleight gets Lifetime Achievement Award at 22nd Annual Public Interest Environmental Law Conference in Eugene; Betsy Loyless, keynoter at the co
Dear friends
Adam Jackaway plans film about energy; prints letters for discussion; Beth Wohlberg Casper climbs high for cancer; condolences to Brian Maffly on the death of his wife, Karen Sclafani; and corrections
Dear Friends
Arjun Tadini Bacigalupi is born; HCN’s February board meeting & our new business plan; board members Mark Gordon and Terry Janis step down; new board members Annette Aguayo and John Heyneman; Gary Paul Nabhan on desert agriculture; and familiar faces Geof
Watt turns history on its head
Former Interior Secretary James Watt still sees himself as a victim of environmental "selfish interest groups," conveniently forgetting that he fought against popular conservation laws on behalf of powerful corporations
Dear friends
HCN’s new book, Give and Take, pulls together our national monument coverage; Brian Erwin is HCN marketing director; corrections and comments
Dear Friends
Many thanks for the inspirational Ed Abbey quote; Sedona board meeting and potluck coming up; How the West works; response to Robyn Morrison’s rock-climbing story; and corrections
Dear Friends
HCN takes a Christmas break; thanks to Peggy Rosenberry; Robyn Morrison and Rosemary Winters keep writing; this issue’s cover art; and scratch ‘n’ sniff manure brochures work
Toppling monoliths in Mormon Country
Now that Mormons are debating environmental issues such as draining Lake Powell, it’s high time they looked at overpopulation and the rampant development of Utah’s Wasatch Front
Dear Friends
HCN’s upcoming Holiday Open House; Toby Harshaw, John Singlaub, and Rea Orthner visit; Congratulations to Dick Carter and Deb French; and corrections and comments
Save the middle ground: Hug a radical
Even though it’s true that without the radical extremes, there would be no middle ground, to save wilderness in the Bush era, environmental hard-liners need to ease up on consensus deals
Dear Friends
HCN meets a lot of old friends at the Headwaters Conference; notes and corrections
Conservation in an imperfect world
San Diego’s Multiple Species Conservation Program is a groundbreaking attempt to protect wildlife habitat, but some say it is still not enough to save the imperiled wildlife of Southern California
Dear Friends
Tom Bell and Louise Murie MacLeod at HCN’s fall board meeting at Moose, Wyo.; lots of visitors
Talking about a revolution
Environmental issues in the West are the region’s "big story" – and it’s high time the region’s big newspapers covered them adequately
The best little radio show in the West
Radio High Country News is fondly remembered, along with the brilliant and crazy people who made it possible
Dear Friends
Farewell, Radio HCN; and Farewell, radio staffers Adam Burke, Krissy Clark and the recently arrived Maria Schell
Dear Friends
Harold Schoeffler visits from Louisiana; more visitors; new Webmaster Paolo Bacigalupi
It’s time for ‘quiet recreationists’ to speak up
Greg Hanscom tells unmotorized recreationists to stop the infighting and join outdoor retailers in the fight for wilderness.
Dear friends
We’re back from vacation; visitors; Amy Alanko to leave HCN, Ann Ulrich Miller to return; just kidding about Elvis
Dear Friends
We need a vacation! Paonia board meeting; visitors; Karen Mockler’s first novel
Speak up, ‘quiet recreationists’
Outdoor recreationists need to follow the lead of the Outdoor Industry Association, which is fighting the Utah wilderness rollbacks, in caring about the fate of their natural playgrounds
Dear Friends
HCN in the spotlight; buy books through BookSense and help HCN; visitors
Hear that whistle blow
More than ever, we need whistleblowers to give us true ‘sound science’
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