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Is it possible ...
Outdoor Classroom on Rangeland Health
Farewell to a great mountain photographer
Mountain photographers Galen and Barbara Rowell die in a California plane crash.
Dear Friends
Park City, Utah, HCN board meeting and the decision to look for a new Executive Director for the paper and other media; we're sorry we left out Wyoming Outdoor Council in coalbed methane booklet.
April Fools
Western Runaround, Klunk and HotFlashes give useful information about the West, which can be rather a silly place.
Outspoken Yellowstone ranger gagged
Yellowstone seasonal ranger Bob Jackson is first told to be quiet and then sent home for talking about the problem of hunters using salt licks on the park's boundaries to lure deer, elk and grizzly.
Dear Friends
Former HCN intern Karen Mockler and freelancer Mike Stark win journalism war; new interns Erika Trautman and Mason Adams; rabble-rousers and other visitors.
Who mans forest flows?
The Forest Service's right to demand "bypass flows" - leaving enough water in streams tapped for human uses to keep fish and wildlife healthy - may not survive the Bush administration.
Land Use Conference
Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute's conference on land use will be held April 19-20 at the University of Denver.
How to draw a duck
Biologist Betsy Whitehill is remembered for a vibrant, loving life that included teaching Alaskan schoolchildren how to draw ducks.
Great Backyard Bird Count
The Great Backyard Bird Count takes place Feb. 16-19, 2001, sponsored by the National Audubon Society and Cornell University's Laboratory of Ornithology.
Saving Places 2001
Colorado Preservation Inc.'s conference, "Saving Places 2001," focuses on preserving historic and diverse cultural sites, Feb. 2-3, in Denver.
Cattle grazing hurts
According to a recent review of research in the "Western North American Naturalist journal," Allison Jones of the Wild Utah Project says grazing hurts arid ecosystems.
Alliance for Justice
The nonprofit Alliance for Justice has published a handbook telling nonprofits how to use their funds to influence legislation and lobbying.
Snake River salmon and steelhead
Students and faculty from Reed College in Portland, Ore., are doing a Web survey to determine how much people value the restoration of Snake River salmon and steelhead.
Cowboy Poetry Gathering
The 17th annual Cowboy Poetry Gathering will be held Jan. 27 to Feb. 3, 2001, in Elko, Nevada.
Northwest Mining Association
The Northwest Mining Association's 106th annual meeting, "Winds of Change," will be held Dec. 4-8 in Spokane, Wash.
Grassbanks in the West: Challenges and Opportunities
Environmentalists, ranchers, Forest Service and writers come together for a conference Nov. 17-18 in Santa Fe, N.M.
America's Parks - America's People: A Mosaic in Motion II
An event put on by the National Parks Conservation Association will talk about human diversity with regard to America's national parks on Nov. 8-12.
Carnivores 2000
Defenders of Wildlife will hold a three-day conference on carnivores Nov. 12-15.
Powder River Basin Resource Council
Powder River Basin Resource Council holds its annual meeting on Wyoming's small-mine laws on Oct. 28.
Earth First!
A commemorative issue celebrates 20 years of Earth First! Journal.
Indian Land Consolidation Symposium
The 10th annual Indian Land Consolidation Symposium, Oct. 16-20, focuses on reclaiming tribal lands.
Taos Art Association
Forty acres of piûon-juniper meadow is being raffled off to raise money to reopen the association's community auditorium.
Society for Ecological Restoration
The Northwest chapter of the Society for Ecological Restoration is calling for paper abstracts before Sept. 29 for its spring conference.
Natural History and Environmental Issues School
Ed Marston will speak on collaboration in the West at Colorado Mountain Club's Natural History and Environmental Issues School on Sept. 19.
Drowning in Noise: Noise Costs of Jet Skis in America
Noise pollution critics believe the only way to solve noise annoyance problems is by banning motorized water skis, according to this report.
Voices in the Wind
An anthology, "Voices in the Wind," contains short stories, essays, poems and editorials inspired by the Waterton Glacier International Peace Park.
Environmental Performance at the Bench: The EPA's Record in Federal Courts
The EPA rarely wins lawsuits, according to Jonathan H. Adler's report from Reason Public Policy Institute.
A new Web site managed by the National Audubon Society and Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology helps birders.
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