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Dear friends
Laura Paskus moves to Albuquerque to become HCN’s Southwest editor; JoAnn Kalenak becomes our marketing and sales coordinator; Kerri Brown is the new production and design assistant; visitors; Santa Fe board meeting and potluck coming up
Dear friends
High Country News is now in full-color; Jacqui Banaszynski and Don Nelson give HCN some editorial advice
The theology of growth
The problem of gang violence in Salt Lake City offers a disturbing glimpse into the conflicted soul of Utah and the rest of the rapidly growing West
D.C. and the West: Worlds apart
Washington, D.C., seems like another planet when seen from the West, as the political stories in this issue of the paper suggest
Dear friends
High Country News May board meeting hosts good discussion about the paper’s future; thanks, Maggie Coon and Michael Soule
In-house wisdom, or White House meddling?
Forest Service insiders say President Bush’s Council on Environmental Quality has added new corporate-style rules to the agency’s forest-planning program
The revolution will not be televised
It’s a good thing leadership is emerging in the West on energy issues, because President Bush’s energy plan is a step in the wrong direction
Dear friends
Dave Foreman on "Nature’s Crisis" and what HCN is doing wrong; kids these days; visitors; clarifications
On the trail of global warming
This winter’s weird weather has everybody talking, but nobody wants to tackle the big question: Is global warming finally hitting the West?
Dear friends
Sculptor and newspaperman Bob Wick; congrats to Paul Koberstein, Alex Pasquariello, Michelle Nijhuis, and Ed and Betsy Marston; correction
The best-laid plans
It’s high time Arizona realized it’s a desert, and has to share the Colorado River with six other dry Western states
Ready... fire... aim!
Ten years into the energy rush, the West is beginning to think about its impacts on the region’s land, air, water and wildlife
A Lively Exchange with the Interior Department
Assistant Secretary for Land and Minerals Management at the Department of the Interior and HCN's Editors enjoy a lively exchange
Dear friends
Fighting the good fight in Wyoming; remembering Jeff Limerick, Beth Williams, Tom Thorne and Ellen Meloy; good-bye to Wild Earth magazine; corrections
An identity crisis, a decade or two late
The recent controversy over "The Death of Environmentalism" illustrates the importance of reaching across the rural West’s cultural divide
Dear friends
Jodi Peterson is HCN’s news editor; Andy Robinson, fund-raiser extraordinaire; John Nutting visits; corrections
Dear friends
New interns Julie McCord and Hilary Watts; feisty HCN board meeting in Boulder; corrections
Dear friends
Skipped issue; High Country News open house; Boulder board meeting and potluck; corrections and clarifications
Buy them some body armor
Like their military compatriots in Iraq, the American civil servants charged with managing our public lands, water and wildlife lack adequate funding, back-up, or the moral support of their higher-ups
Dear friends
Visitors; Terry Tempest Williams speaks at Florida university after all; correction
Election Day surprises in the schizophrenic West
The same Western voters who re-elected President George W. Bush and his anti-environmental record also voted for environmental ballot measures and green-leaning candidates.
Dear friends
Election Day; Ray Ring wins journalism award; High Country News holiday open house
New ways to work in the woods
The National Network of Forest Practitioners restores forests and streams while creating sustainable jobs in local communities
Environmental issues disappear into election-season smog
Environmental issues were almost invisible in the presidential debates, but an awful lot has happened in the last four years – and most of it has not been good for the West.
Don’t expect Washington to lead the West
The West needs to take charge of its own destiny, and become more than just a political game piece in the presidential election
The West has to count on itself
The writer watches the presidential debates but can’t see that either candidate knows much about the West’s rural communities
Dear Friends
Ed and Betsy Marston have a brand-new granddaughter, Maude Rose Marston Lehmann; HCN freelancer Matt Weiser wins a spot on Project Censored’s Top 25 Censored Stories of the year; Radio High Country News wins yet another award; visitors; clarifications and
A timber town learns to care for the forest
Lakeview, Ore., survived the drop in the timber economy by learning to take care of its forests
Life After Old Growth
The battle over Northwestern old-growth forests is raging again, but behind the scenes, some locals are trying to make peace
Dear friends
HCN’s Gretchen Aston-Puckett and husband Jeremy Puckett announce the birth of Lydia Kestrel, and editor Greg Hanscom and Tara Thomas say hello to daughter Lucia; summertime visitors; Rock & Ice magazine agrees with HCN; and belated thanks to McCune Charit
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