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The West weathers unusually wet times
Although the Southwest remains too dry, most of the West rejoices in an unusually wet year - and is grateful to have avoided much flooding.
Condors soar once more over the Southwest
Fifteen California condors have been released in Arizona's Vermillion Cliffs, 70 years after the last one had been seen in the region.
Agency wants to shoot down gun club
The Forest Service's attempt to shut down a gun range on the edge of Sabino Canyon Recreation Area leads to embarrassment when the agency's expert witness, Glen Shumsky, is found to be a fraud.
Flood bill awash with anti-environmental riders
A flood-relief bill in Congress is infested by riders that could cause tremendous environmental damage if passed.
Montana train accident derailed a small town
One year after a train derailment spewed chlorine gas and other dangerous chemicals, residents of Alberton, Mont., say their town is unsafe and their health still impaired.
Wilderness has a new foe: snowmobiles
The popularity of Seeley Lake, Mont., for snowmobilers reveals a growing problem as the snowmobilers trespass with increasing enthusiasm in nearby wilderness areas like the Mission Mountains.
...while 'Rambo Cat' obliterates them
The Forest Service's Alan Vandiver uses a road-ripping bulldozer to get rid of roads in Montana.
Western hunters debate ethics tooth and claw
In Oregon and other Western states, hunters and environmentalists vigorously debate a variety of anti-trapping and anti-hunting ballot measures.
Glacier Park finds itself inundated
A new management proposal for Montana's Glacier National Park, designed to control visitor overcrowding, meets opposition from the local tourism industry and others.
Do cows become the Prescott?
A Wilderness Society lawsuit charges that the Forest Service violated the law by allowing grazing in the Prescott National Forest without considering whether the forest could handle it.
Bombs go up in smoke in a rural Utah county
After 20 years and many delays and false starts, the Tooele Chemical Agent Disposal Facility in Utah begins incinerating chemical weapons in August.
Waste creeps toward Yucca Mountain
A Senate bill that passed in July clears the way for shipping nuclear waste to Nevada's Yucca Mountain as early as 1998.
Birds get eviction notice
The Bureau of Reclamation plan to enlarge Arizona's Roosevelt Dam will flood the nesting habitat of endangered Southwestern willow flycatchers.
Endangered salmon leave rafters dry
Idaho rafting companies challenge a Forest Service plan to keep boats off the upper Salmon River while salmon are spawning.
Crane hunt is contested
Idaho approves a sandhill crane hunt to appease farmers who are losing crops to the birds.
Yellowstone cutbacks bring out the politicians
Yellowstone Park Superintendent Mike Finley's closure of campgrounds and museums because of budget problems leads to irate responses from Wyoming politicians.
Strapped parks look for money
National parks feeling the budget squeeze look for corporate financial help.
Feds set "terrible precedent' with Kolob Canyon settlement
An out-of-court settlement with public agencies will give more than $2 million to survivors of an outing in Utah's Kolob Canyon that killed two Explorer Scout leaders.
Canyon trip turns fatal
A 15-year-old Boy Scout finds the Grand Canyon deadly, and park rescue crews point out that all visitors need to be prepared.
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