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Watchers at Glacier National Park
Photos of the watchers and watchees in Glacier National Park
Lost money in Utah
The BLM comes under fire from the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance for misplacing $1.2 million in grazing fees.
Down the tube
The Idaho National Engineering Laboratory is developing a tube for young fish to help them swim through dams.
Victory for raptors
President Clinton signs the Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area into law.
The cost of being lost
The Park Service approves a pilot project requiring mountaineers to pay for their own rescue.
Showdown on the range
Legislators will decide the fate of Bruce Babbitt's Rangeland Reform "94 package.
New policy for old growth
The Forest Service screening of sales of old-growth timber east of the Cascades draws protest from loggers.
Lovesick and lost
An elk wanders into a canal and is rescued by state game officials.
Colorado old growth saved
The Forest Service spares a stand of Colorado old-growth slated for cutting after pleas from environmentalists.
The future of America's rivers
American Rivers will hold a party and conference to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.
A job for a feminist
Tara O'Toole is confirmed as assistant secretary for environment, health and safety after being blackballed by Sen. Malcolm Wallop as a radical.
Lighthawk patrols mining
The environmental air-force, Lighthawk, is available to fly journalists, activists and politicians over mines to rally support for reform of the 1872 Mining Law.
State sues miners
Colorado sues the owners of a Mid-Continent resources for failing to reclaim coal mine near Redstone, Colo.
Wyoming hikes grazing fees
The Wyoming Board of Land Commissioners hikes grazing fees despite criticicsm from Sen. Malcolm Wallop.
In Utah, water grows on trees
A U.S. Geological Survey study shows that Utahns use twice as much water as other Americans.
For green entrepreneurs
Conference sponsored by Prescott College's Common Ground Project seeks to join business and environmental interests.
Change on the range
A range reform discussion sponsored by The League of Women Voters of Utah will feature Ed Marston, Jim Baca, Wayne Elmore, and Rose Strickland, chair of the Sierra Club's grazing subcommittee.
Custer Association's last stand
The Park Service severs ties with the Custer Battlefield Historical and Museum Association after a confrontation over the name of the park, and the group's refusal to sell Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.
Unsettling the West
The fourth annual Headwaters conference explores Western culture and colonization.
Ruinous roads
The Department of the Interior is writing new rules to interpret an 1866 mining law concerning road-building.
Restarting the Hart
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wants to remove all livestock from an antelope refuge in order to conduct an ecosystem management restoration program.
Future Forests in Wyoming
An annual conservation congress will focus on "Our Forests, Our Future."
Wolf killed in Montana
A wolf is shot illegally in Montana.
EPA cites Montana mine
The EPA cites a Montana mine for seven violations of the Clean Water Act.
Baptism of fire
Though the Yellowstone forest recovery is well under way, moose still suffer.
Pulling out of CAP
The Central Arizona Project's water price will skyrocket, costing stockholders millions.
Nuclear waste is a terrible thing to mind
Dangerous blunders seem to be status quo among plant workers at Hanford
What a doll
Mattell introduces a "Native American Barbie" doll.
Reprieve in Montana
The Bureau of Land Management withdraws 20,000 acres of Sweetgrass Hills, a Native American spiritual site, from mineral development for two years.
Tribes may take over Animas-La Plata
Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner Dan Beard invites two Ute tribes to take over the Animas-La Plata water diversion project.
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