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The declining value of clean energy stocks reflects the credit crunch and the plunge in oil and gas prices after earlier highs.
Battleground: an interactive map
HCN surveys the swingin' Western political landscape, state by state, with this interactive map.
Dear friends New and improved; HCN at Democratic National Convention in August; corrections.
High Country News looks at some of the more interesting political contests unfolding in the West.
The troubled times of the Mexican wolf
A timeline reveals the complicated, ill-fated story of the Mexican wolf in New Mexico.
Two weeks in the West
Snow and drought plagues West; governors tackle global warming; Big Coal gets bigger; Navajos protest power plant; stadium in former shipyard; Colorado easements cost taxes; wildlife crosswalk; zebra mussels arrive; skiing and snowboarding
Two weeks in the West
Supreme Court to consider use of mobster law to sue federal employees; water to return to California’s Owens River; Timothy B. Sundles confesses to wolf poisoning; drilling banned on Rocky Mountain Front; Western religion or lack thereof; Christmas tree
Two weeks in the West
Colorado Lynx are in trouble; oil and gas bounty hunter is rebuked; Energy Department tests new larger containers for radioactive waste; saving money and salmon; Measure 37 cold war continues; public library use in the West; and snowmobile data
Two weeks in the West
Hopi and Navajo tribes settle boundary dispute; oil shale returns to western Colorado; Northern Cheyenne open coal reserves to development; judge upholds critical habitat designation for "vernal pools" in California and Oregon; red tree vole wins protecti
Two weeks in the West
Interior Deputy Secretary Julie MacDonald 'edited' Fish and Wildlife reports to change scientists’ conclusions; Platte River Cooperative Agreement comes together; railroad wants to blast avalanches in Glacier National Park; largest biodiesel refinery bein
Two weeks in the West
EPA tightens standards on soot exposure; New Mexico land commissioner candidates clash; enviros can buy grazing permits in Utah; trailers are trashed to make room for luxury homes; SunEdison will build largest solar plant in the U.S. in Colorado’s San Lui
Dear friends
HCN board meeting in Missoula, Mont.; visitors; correction
Burning money
Wildfire financial data
Wildland acres burned
Western wildland acres burned
Mother Nature rides an ATV
Factory Butte closed to ORVs
One dam down; four in limbo
Oregon’s Chiloquin dam to come down
BLM busted for booting whistleblower
BLM ordered to pay whistleblower Earle Dixon
Will your favorite Forest Service campsite be closed down next summer?
Forest Service may close campgrounds
Some 'canned' elk get uncanned
Game elk escape in Idaho
'They both do not exist'
Quote by Wyoming Attorney General Patrick Crank
Give us your poor, your uninsured...
Many Westerners live in poverty, but even more lack health insurance
The longevity of place and race
Life expectancy in the West
Free will flounders in the courts
Judges throw out some libertarian ballot measures
Take that nuke waste and shove it
Skull Valley Goshute Tribe’s nuclear-waste storage plan rejected
Half a Roan for gas, and half for everyone else
Nobody’s happy with BLM’s Roan Plateau plan
It's shady in the Interior
Interior Department blasted by its own watchdog
Roadless returns!
Judge reinstates Clinton roadless rule
More Radio Waves
Independent radio series and specials cover community sustainability
Energy Colonizes the West
Acres leased for drilling in the West
A little wild
Percentage of federally owned land and wilderness in Western states
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