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Grabbed my shovel and I went to the mine
America's coal miners: predominately young, female, and/or shirtless.
Southern Utes discover a new kind of crude
Reservation will host an algae farm designed to produce biofuels.
Administration publishes final oil shale regs
Oil shale leasing will be allowed on nearly 2 million acres, at least until Obama overturns the new rules.
Northwest races down to the wire
Oregon senate race, Washington CD8 still too close to call.
The gun lobby's circular firing squad
Gun company president forced to resign after revealing his support for Barack Obama.
High noon for GOP moderates
Gordon Smith is one of several green Republicans in danger of losing their seats today.
Chris Cannon gets curiouser and curiouser
Lame-duck Utah congressman attempts to prove that Bill Ayers wrote Obama's memoir.
Obama gun ban redux
Get your guns, before Obama keeps you from getting them.
Mormons for Marriage
A growing number of Mormons are fighting back against their church's anti-gay-marriage campaign.
Is the Colorado Senate race over?
The national Republican party pulls its ads for Senate candidate Bob Schaffer.
The polls on Prop 8
Gay marriage in California hangs by a slender thread.
ABC censors clean energy ad
Saying that Big Oil buys influence is apparently not something you can do on prime-time TV.
Drill here, drill now: the music video
Country singer Aaron Tippin gives us a piece of his mind.
GOP's Acorn fixation is downright nutty
Accusations of voter fraud in Nevada are getting overblown.
What the election means for the Interior Department
A look at McCain and Obama's likely picks for Secretary of the Interior.
Nothing left to lose
Contaminated lands could get second life through renewable-energy development.
Oil shale moratorium expires
Bush threatened veto of appropriations bill if Democrats wouldn't agree.
Ground gaming the system
The polls may not accurately reflect the state of the presidential race in Colorado.
Indentured servitude in the pines
Forest Service contractors are abusing immigrant workers.
MMS does Denver
Sex, drugs, and sleazy oil deals. Who says D.C. has all the good scandals?
Mark Udall's gonna steal your water!
Because water-quality regulation is a giant water grab, at least according to Bob Schaffer.
Colorado gas commission backpedals on drilling rule
Industry PR blitz seems to have paid off.
The delegates and the ghost of Teddy R.
The Westerners I met at the RNC all described themselves as conservationists. What gives?
To our friends at
In which I throw down the gauntlet on clean-coal schwag.
Getting enough outside time?
For Palin, the glories of Alaska seem to exist mostly in Photoshop.
Palin's identity politics
VP pick tries to convince rural America to vote for one of its own.
You mean drill in St. Paul?
Convention attendee advocates a little-known oil and gas field.
Pickens pitches his plan
Texas oil billionaire tries to convince Republicans that the West is the "Saudi Arabia of wind energy."
The future of the Idaho GOP?
A college Republican's 15 minutes of pro-drilling YouTube fame.
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