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In megaloads battle, has David slain Goliath again?
ExxonMobil is backpedaling on use of Highway 12 for giant loads
What does it mean nowadays to be a Westerner?
That you argue over how our wild lands are managed
Hydropower remains dominant energy source in the West
Despite the troubled past of dam building, water power still popular
Judge halts Montana megaload shipments
Preliminary injunction stops transport of oil equipment to Alberta Oil Sands.
Clean coal still mostly a dream
Will Wyoming and Montana ever be able to cash in on a "clean coal" reality?
How Bark-Beetle Infestations Could Intensify Spring Runoff
A lack of foliage in forests may lead to runoff speedup
Why Salazar backed down from Wild Lands
After opposition from Western legislators, the Secretary of the Interior shelves a preservation proposal.
Water scarcity makes some types of energy less appealing
The West must take heed of energy's thirst
To shoot, or not to shoot, at Rocky Mountain NP
Birth control another option for elk control
BLM Wild Lands policy deserves praise
Why should hunters and anglers care about Ken Salazar's new plan?
Wyoming uranium has uncertain future
Mining may be put on hold due to safety concerns
Does natural gas drilling make people sick?
Colorado report from Battlement Mesa says yes
Climate Models Suggest Tough Future for Wolverines
Researchers have different theories on effects
Artificial Flooding May Help Grand Canyon
Mimicking historic floods could help rebuild an ecosystem harmed by the dam
When emotion drives the wolf debate, research suffers
Good Rocky Mountain wolf science is often buried under opinion
Is Recreation in the Rockies Becoming a Bigger Forest Service Priority?
Outfitters and recreational groups lobby USFS for more consideration
A Moment of Opportunity for Counties with Public Lands
New act could affect employment and public land management
Colorado ski industry wary of wolverine
Memories of lynx battles and Vail fires remain
Is high speed rail becoming more viable in the Intermountain West?
Death by suicide
Exposing the soft, white underbelly of the West
Spread of Bighorn Sheep Pneumonia Continues
Biologists kill four to date
New national monument is an idea worth considering
A swath of Montana prairie needs a special designation.
More gas, less grouse
Study predicts fewer sage grouse as energy development increases
Big Horn Betrayal
A 204-point ram, an undercover agent and Montana's Fish, Wildlife and Parks department.
NW Renewables: Infrastructure needed
Experts say that transmission bottlenecks stifle alt energy boom in northwest.
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