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Still Trout Fishing in America
John Muir once said food in the mountains offers nourishment that nutritionists know nothing about. The author agrees.
Birdwatching in the desert
Almost everything that occurs in the desert is ignored. All of it sizzles with meaning.
Necessary Journeys
Backpacking in the desert along the U.S.-Mexico border is seldom about recreation.
Crossroad at the foot of a mountain
Single moments can stand like geologic features, ridges that divide endings from beginnings.
Blue horses: riding on moonlight
A dimly lit moment throws a bright light on the past.
Mountain people
What makes a "mountain person"? It's not about climbing.
An end to the "Snow War"?
The Supreme Court chooses not to stop an Arizona ski center from making snow on Native Americans' sacred mountain.
Is humanitarian aid really "littering"?
Should humanitarian workers be prosecuted for leaving water in the desert?
BLM's unheroic response to civil disobedience
Two cases of lawbreaking-as-protest show that the BLM in Utah is out of touch with the times.
Snowbowl Redux: The Question of Balance
When a reporter tries to erase his own bias, it's possible to go too far.
Notes from el Mundo Nuevo
Surveying the world's disorder from a migrant dump site near Tucson.
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