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Target shooting on public lands: still an issue
The poorly regulated practice needs some attention
In the West, the rare earth rush is on
Companies hope to open mines in Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho
Antibacterial soaps in the backcountry
Safeguard or ineffective and possibly dangerous?
Harvesting versus hunting
Let's call killing animals what it really is, and discuss from there
Enjoying the wilderness
An impending Grand Canyon raft trip sparks appreciation for preservation, even in places we may never go
Don't be too self-righteous
A "green" Arizona resident muses on the desert that was bulldozed to make room for her
Arizona, unpredictable as always
The only thing dependable about the state's politics is their lack of dependability
Strip mining kitty litter
A cat-loving English teacher ponders the origins of the clay she's been using
Sagebrush rebellion rides again
Some Western states are again trying to get control of federal lands.
Lighten up, take a load off
Save water! Get a composting toilet
Being "green" doesn't make you a radical
Political rhetoric painting environmentalists as extreme amounts to a "green scare"
Left out of the Arizona debate: energy
The Republican candidates fail to get specific in a state with strong solar potential
Arizona turns 100
Park reopenings and mining bans give residents a few environmental victories to celebrate
Tourism creates jobs, but it's still a mixed bag
The White House promotes tourism as economic boon, but many positions are low wage
Target shooting on public lands should be regulated
Impacts on saguaros point to need for rules
Holiday cheer for colleges leading the way
Despite cutbacks, Arizona State and other universities have still adopted solar power
Cheers to land trusts
Another form of "public" conserved land to be grateful for
Jack rabbit surprises
The common hare's boom and bust population cycles lead to more scrutiny
Locavorism seems harder in the desert West
Virginia's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle trumps Phoenix local food availability
Enjoying the aspens despite what may come
A writer gives thanks for nature's beauty in a changing world
Feeling the wasteful weight of the electronics age
"Back in the day" our office trash wasn't as toxic
Cadmium's presence in inexpensive jewelry can be dangerous
Metal additive deserves some scrutiny
Extreme weather makes us pay attention to climate
But some will have trouble adapting
Killer compost
A new worry for manure-users: pesticide residues
Industry boosts pro-fracking PR
Denial of risks is an environmental injustice
Reflecting on nuclear crises doesn't leave clear answers
It sometimes seems we can't live without uranium
An idea of Eden
Wildfires lead to musings on the landscapes we grow up loving and those we learn to love.
The mixed blessings of extra water
More H2O may also mean more people in Payson, Ariz.
New Urbanism irks even green Westerners
Many of us still long for wide open spaces
EJ activist Ed Abbey?
Justice advocate or not, he's still a great read
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