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Farm Bill conservation programs
Why “drastic change” is needed.
The Obama administration and the Klamath River basin
Will science be restored to its rightful place?
Understanding agriculture...and farmers too!
From farm income to carbon sequestration.
Reflections on “Methow homecoming”
On wanderers, love of place and the future of the West’s less traveled places.
A new consensus on public forest management?
Even groups like Oregon Wild now embrace “thinning” and “collaboration.”
California water conflicts heat up
Calls for reform, lawsuits, illegal diversions and another drought year
On predators, ranchers and public land grazing
A solution to the “sheer hate” of predators might lie in a return to an Old West practice.
Howling Wolf on the West coast
Wolves are moving in. Will they be accepted?
Dam deal advances Bush's Klamath River agenda
Will salmon advocates win the battle for dam removal but lose the Klamath salmon war?
Water Banks, the ESA and the Public Trust Doctrine
A complex subject with vast implications for the West’s future.
The West from 30,000 feet
A daytime flight reveals diverse landscapes and the hand of humankind on the land.
Why is “The Environment” not on the ballot?
There are few environmental initiatives on western ballots.
Why Western Wildfires are getting larger
The Forest Service says it's climate change, the timber industry says its lack of logging, others say it’s intentional.
How the federal election could impact public lands
Four more years of road deterioration? Or a concerted effort to address the problem?
Smoke Trails
How the timber industry controls public opinion about wildfire and the role of logging in reducing or exacerbating wildfire risk.
Owl tales
Spotted owls, barred owls and endangered species politics
Fate of four Klamath River dams under negotiation
PacifiCorp has signaled willingness to remove the dams, but who will pay?
Truth - the newest Klamath casualty
Is demonizing PacifiCorp and bending the truth necessary to get the dams out?
On Truth, Fiction and White Guilt
Unraveling what’s going on in Klamath River Country and when white journalists report on Indians
Agricultural water pollution on the line
Bush Administration tries again to work around Clean Water Act.
Why Bush promotes drilling ANWR
How the earth's despoilers control the environmental establishment.
Oregon federal forest bills won't reduce fire risk or restore forests
Ron Wyden and Peter DeFazio are planning legislation to protect Old Growth while accelerating "thinning" on Oregon's national forests.
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