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We are all preservationists now!
Power plant and transmission line development could change political as well as natural landscapes
California's Carbon Game
In the world of cap-and-trade and carbon offsets California is leading the way...but to where?
The Pesticide Wars
Another battle heads to the Supreme Court
Big Ag wins big in California
Water legislation could pave the way for future water grabs
The Delta Blues
California’s Water Buffaloes appear poised for another water grab
New Pew database tracks government subsidies
The West is getting more than its fair share
Center for Biological Diversity shows the way
Forest Partnerships which honor bedrock laws and public trusts are possible
Vilsack calls for “change”
But can the Obama administration deliver?
Ray Ring's "Affirmative actions"
Color and Class Bias in the Environmental Movement
The health care debate comes home
Reflections on a town hall meeting in Southwest Oregon.
Clearcutting and climate change
The Center for Biological Diversity challenges California’s largest timber company.
Stimulus funding targets irrigation efficiency
$125 million for watershed projects.
Fire and Smoke
Forest Service responds to criticism but will anything really change?
WOPR goes down in flames
Department of Interior withdraws BLM’s controversial Southern Oregon logging plan
Species viability on national forests preserved!
Court decision deals another defeat to Bush Administration efforts to increase logging of public forests
Wilderness Dedux
Public Land legislation passed during the Bush Presidency was unprecedented. A new book explores the phenomenon.
Beaver and restoration - the rest of the story
To restore western watersheds the health of forest soil must also be restored.
2008 wildfire redux
Forest Service rhetoric meets on-the-ground reality.
False Claims Virus on the loose!
Is it just westerners or are all humans prone to local/regional exaggeration?
Special Interest or Public Interest ?
The larger context of Obama's Interior Department appointments
Waste, fraud and abuse
Farm conservation programs fail to deliver conservation benefits.
Water, wine and marijuana
Illegal water use conflicts percolate on California’s Northcoast.
California's Central Water War Heats Up
Irrigators and allies will march April 14-17
Salmon and pesticides
Pesticide cocktails prove extra deadly.
Paper exercise or real progress?
Is Critical Habitat designation worth the effort?
Restorationists gather in Santa Cruz
Signs of movement maturity are on the increase.
My pet gripe
False claims, fact checking and modern journalism.
A loss for Klamath dam and water deals
Changes in dam operations to mitigate terrible water quality are now likely
Will pesticide applications require a Clean Water permit?
Recent decision could have huge impact in the West.
"Top-to-bottom" ethical review at Interior
Career employees and political appointees to be scrutinized.
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