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Peak and Ecological Flows in Oregon
As the state prepares to allocate winter water the debate about how much needs to remain in-stream churns on
Gold dredging conflict heats up
Funding cuts in California and a new front in Southern Oregon
Biomass energy production in the Interior West
Politicians’ push development; citizens and economists are not so sure
Agriculture by the numbers
USDA’s Census of Agriculture provides key data and insights
The McClintock Factor
Conservative California congressman opposes Obama’s Western water initiatives
The deficit may enable reform of Farm Bill Conservation Programs
On budgets, abuses and whistleblowers
The buffer battle
Ag groups work to overturn streamside pesticide spray restrictions
An anti-wilderness knee jerk
Opponents attack Salazar’s decision to consider the values of wild public land
Klamath River clean-up takes a step forward
Clean-up plan’s effectiveness hinges on how it is implemented.
Promoting forest biomass
Why rural western elites ignore the economic realities
California state parks funding measure fails
But voters approve climate law, no matter what cost
Dredging Western rivers for gold
Is it “recreation” or “mining”….or both?
Special Treatment for Ag
California law exempts farmers and ranchers from California ESA penalties
The Public Trust makes a comeback in California
California activists make a desperate effort to stop the dewatering of rivers and streams
Conservation groups reject deal for Child Nutrition Program
Audubon, National Wildlife Federation, etc., back ag subsidies disguised as conservation programs
Who's burning the forest?
Arson isn't the only reason western wildfires have become larger and hotter.
A new chapter in Klamath River Water Wars
The focus shifts to water management in two key tributaries
Colin Peterson, the 2012 Farm Bill and the environment
Powerful Congressman excludes enviros from initial hearings
The 2012 Farm Bill dance has a sad history
Conservation programs have become huge boondoggles but Environmental Establishment seems unconcerned
Archives and legal precedents
How they are used makes all the difference
Meditational rant on the word "pristine"
How we use the term reveals more about us than about the places to which we refer
The 2012 Farm Bill dance begins in DC
Farm Bill Conservation Programs have become massive boondoggles but the Environmental Establishment appears unconcerned
Privatizing conservation
Planning and designating marine reserves on the California Coast
Feinstein and Westlands – who’s running whom?
Back in September the powerful water district delivered a message to California’s senior senator; it appears that she got it.
Native Farmers and Ranchers
USDA publishes data on Indigenous Americans involved in agriculture for the first time!
The 2008 Farm and Ranch Survey is out!
Irrigated agriculture is decreasing in the West
Sundance, Redford and Obama
Film festival's founder offers opinion on Utah and the President
Timber Corporations, Real Estate and Community Forests
In 2010 Weyerhauser will become a Real Estate Investment Trust
Ray Ring, Andy Stahl and the Clinton Roadless Rule
To understand why most Forest Service managers don't like roadless land protection follow the money
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