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Look on the bright side
A recent drop in energy consumption could be good news for renewable energy advocates.
Move over, chickens!
There's a new bird in town. Sage grouse farms on their way in Wyoming.
The Red Desert
The Dems campaigned til they were blue in the face, but Utah remains red.
Nevada's swing to the left
The Democrats take Nevada, both on the state and national level.
When spines aren't enough
Saguaros soon to be embedded with microchips.
Diamonds in the Rockies
A diamond mining company eyes Colorado's Front Range.
Out of the woods?
Rural counties afflicted by federal logging cutbacks may soon get help.
Fending off the gold diggers
Colorado counties stand to lose control of mining operations.
A seat at the policy table
American Indians work with the Obama campaign to raise the visibility of native issues.
The many faces of protest at the DNC
From anti-abortion activists to 9/11 conspiracy theorists to Hillary supporters, the convention is hopping with protesters.
The entrepreneurs
How to make a buck on the streets of the DNC.
Kiss your tail goodbye, desert pupfish
A Bush administration proposal to change Endangered Species Act regulations is bad news for listed species.
Southern California's Briny Beast
Another step is made toward restoring the sickly Salton Sea.
Hula in the high country
Archaeologists uncover a Polynesian ghost town in the Utah desert.
Survival or bust
Moving endangered species to more hospitable habitat, in the face of a changing climate.
The many faces of rural America
Four types, ranging from the affluent to the impoverished.
Wanted: Dead or Mostly Dead
Court ruling gives Forest Service power over life and death, subject to public review.
Of parks and particulates
EPA proposes relaxing pollution rules in nation's parks.
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