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Who'll clean up a mining mess?
Recent studies show that contamination from Idaho's Bunker Hill Superfund Site has spread throughout the entire Coeur d'Alene River Basin, and some say the Superfund cleanup effort now winding down has not helped at all.
Fishing clashes with windsurfing
Lyle Point on the Columbia River becomes a battleground for the fight between a developer and Native Americans fishing for salmon.
New policy pits seasonals against parks
National Park Service seasonal workers may get benefits at expense of park services and jobs.
The military's top guns collide with an angry valley
Air Force flights from the Redeye Air Force Base anger local residents in Colorado.
Two underground resources clash in New Mexico
Oil and gas exploration threatens a pristine cave system.
Is BLM running down a rare species?
On the wet meadows of western Colorado's Chance Gulch, a rare game bird's dance floor may soon be too hot to trot. These sage-covered hills and grassy draws support the last stable breeding population of the Gunnison sage grouse.
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