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Wolf pack wiped out for ‘surplus killing’
Although the Cook pack was destroyed by federal wildlife agents after the wolves killed 70 sheep north of McCall, Idaho, both environmentalists and the Fish and Wildlife Service say the wolf program is doing well
Biotech companies engineer a ‘superweed’
A genetically engineered form of creeping bentgrass, designed to be resistant to the herbicide Roundup, could creep from the golf courses it’s intended for to nearby public lands
Interior encourages BLM land sales
Assistant Interior Secretary Lynn Scarlett wants Congress to give the Bureau of Land Management increased incentive to sell off more public lands
Mowing down pollution
California tackles air pollution caused by gas-guzzling power lawn mowers
Wilderness up for lease
Citizen-proposed wilderness areas in the West are the latest battleground in the war over oil and gas drilling on the public lands
Buying time against the energy assault
Bidding on oil and gas leases for conservation purposes in places like Delta County, Colo., could prove to be a risky strategy, some environmentalists warn
New Mexico may change wolf policy
The New Mexico Game Commission has asked the state Game and Fish department to re-evaluate its management of endangered Mexican wolves
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