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Have returning wolves really saved Yellowstone?
Have returning wolves really saved Yellowstone?
Researchers fear that some damage can’t be undone.
Permits not part of Rainbow values
Members of the countercultural Rainbow Family say the Forest Service's new permit requirement threatens their annual gatherings.
Power to the power boats
Floatboaters object to Republican Sen. Larry Craig's bill allowing powerboats unlimited access to Hells Canyon.
`Goddamn goshawks'
The Forest Service is blamed when loggers cut trees within yards of a nest of rare goshawk fledglings, causing them to die.
Ranchers win again
Ranchers win state grazing permits in New Mexico after eight of nine competing bids by environmentalists are rejected by the state.
Local land-use plan sabotaged by state
The Colorado State Land Board raises opposition from ranchers, residents and environmentalists with its plan to sell part of the Yampa Valley's Emerald Mountain for development.
Round and round and round it goes, where it stops...
Problems plague all the Western sites under consideration for nuclear waste burial.
Idaho's new crop: nuclear hot potatoes
The Shoshone-Bannock and environmentalists protest the train shipment of high-level nuclear wastes bound for the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory.
Grizzly plan sent back to drawing board
A federal court ruling may delay the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's plan to declare grizzly recovery in Yellowstone a success.
Olympic-sized rip-off
Environmentalists claim the Snowbasin Ski Resort is using the Salt Lake City upcoming Olympics as an excuse for a landgrab of Forest Service acreage.
Bad luck for New World mine
Developers of the proposed New World gold mine on the edge of Yellowstone Park are ordered by a federal judge to clean up old waste from the site before getting necessary permits.
Just ask the loggers
A Forest Service memo suggesting regional foresters work with the timber industry enrages logging critics.
ATVs shred redds
All-terrain vehicles damage two miles of prime salmon spawning grounds on the upper Salmon River.
Bears forced to defer to cows
Environmentalists object to the proposed relocation of two Jackson-area grizzly bears that are killing cattle.
Condors ready for takeoff
Endangered California condors are being released in northern Arizona's Vermillion Cliffs.
Civil disobedience heats up in Oregon
Frustrated in their desire to legally appeal old-growth timber sales, Oregon environmentalists take to civil disobedience.
Bill comes back from the dead
Utah Rep. James Hansen continues to push a bill recommending parks for closure by tacking it onto voter legislation.
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